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If your vehicle is equipped with the Connect SOS & Assistance buttons, that means it has a telematics box including SIM card, so remote communication with the vehicle is possible.  While the SOS & Assistance services function is included automatically as a safety feature, the ‘connected-ready’ nature of these vehicles means we are also able to offer a range of other services, available only on a subscription basis.  Simply subscribe to a service (many are free of charge) on our PEUGEOT Services Store and we will activate over the air.


Connect SOS & Assistance

Connect SOS and Assistance is an emergency calling service which works through a connected box on your vehicle with its own SIM card – meaning you can get help when you need it.


Connected 3D Navigation

Enhance your navigation system and optimise your journeys by subscribing to Real Time Traffic – offered free of charge for 3 years on new navigation-equipped vehicles.



This service allows us to proactively monitor your vehicle, so we can get in touch with you when there is a maintenance alert.


E-Remote Control

Control charging and pre-heating/cooling features of your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle with this service, which works through the MyPeugeot app.


Free2Move Connect Fleet

Our telematics solution allows business and fleet operators to efficiently and effectively manage their vehicle fleet.


PEUGEOT Services Store

Already driving a PEUGEOT?  Your vehicle may be compatible with our connected services – especially if it has the Connect SOS & Assistance buttons. Find out by logging-in or creating an account on the PEUGEOT Services Store, and adding your VIN number.