This page explains what cookies are and how they are used across our websites. It will also tell you how to manage and remove them if you choose to.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are sent from our website to your computer or mobile phone to improve your user experience. They do this by remembering you and your personal preferences, such as your location.

And don’t worry – only we can read cookies that are served from our website and will never share this information with any third parties.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies in a number of different ways:

1) Anonymous Analytical Cookies

The analytical cookies that we use store anonymous information about which pages people visit, how long they are on the site, how they got there and what they click on. Information supplied by these cookies help us to analyse the profile of our visitors, make sure our websites are meeting your needs and how we could provide you with an improved experience. Anonymous analytical cookies do not collect or store your personal information (for example, names or addresses), so this information cannot be used to identify you.  However, when a user books an online test drive, we may match the personal details they enter for the test drive with analytical cookies and compare this combined information with our new vehicle customer database to help us understand the online journey of our new vehicle customers. This allows us to optimise our online customer offering. Even here, we won’t share the combined information with third parties.

2) Profile Management (as used on our MyPeugeot website)

Cookies are used here to remember the details of your log-in. This saves you having to re-enter information and makes sure that we always tailor our website to your preferences.

3) Customer Feedback Questionnaires

We value your opinion so from time to time we ask for feedback on our websites via online surveys. Cookies are used here to make sure that you don’t get repeat invitations to take part.

4) Third Party Cookies

Most of the Peugeot advertising that you see on other websites is put there by third parties. Anonymous cookies are used in these instances to track how many and how often people see a particular ad. Any information found by these cookies may be used to target ads to you on other websites. Since these ads are not on Peugeot’s websites, we are unable to read or write the cookies used.

Peugeot Motor Company uses other third-party cookies to analyse customer journeys on Groupe PSA websites and advertising banners. These cookies are sent by Peugeot Motor Company or by its technical service providers to assess who accesses the content and sections of our website, in order to evaluate them and improve their organisation, in terms of content and categories. Where applicable, these cookies also detect navigation problems and so allow us to make our services easier to use. These cookies only produce anonymous statistics and number of visits, and do not include any personal data. These cookies will also be used to personalise this site and also other websites and advertising banners of the PSA Groupe. The service life of these assessment cookies does not exceed 90 days. To disable these cookies, visit  

How to manage cookies

If your browser preferences allow it, most websites will send cookies to your computer or mobile phone. However, you can change these settings. How you do this varies with each browser, though more often than not it will be through the ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ tab.

For the best possible experience of Peugeot online, we strongly recommend you leave cookies on.

Cookies used by Peugeot and by Third Parties

Cookie from   

Cookie name

Description of cookies



This is used to save the site ID and site language preferences for customers. This means you won’t have to reset your preferences every time you visit us.


202108_AR_Quantcast Lead / Showroom & SOL

Cookie to show you more relevant ads.
consent persistent, cookie



Used to record whether the person chose to remain logged in
Used in conjunction with the c_user cookie to authenticate your identity to Facebook
Used in conjunction with the xs cookie to authenticate your identity to Facebook
Used to authenticate your identity on Facebook's mobile website
Used to record that a device or browser logged in via Facebook platform
Used to enable device-based logins
Determines the login state of a person visiting
Authenticates logins using Account Kit
Optimizes recovery flow after failed login attempts
Stores an encryption key used to encrypt cookies
Indicates when HTTPS is needed to access FB servers
Used to indicate the last time a person entered his or her password
Identifies browsers for purposes of security and site integrity, including for account recovery, and identification of potentially compromised accounts.
Identifies browser for login authentication purposes
Facebook’s primary advertising cookie, used to deliver, measure, and improve the relevancy of ads.
Used to record advertising opt outs
Used to open a specific location in an advertiser's app upon installation
Records the age of Facebook javascript files
Used to optimize site performance for advertisers



User identification pixel
User identification pixel

Google Floodlight


Are used to link your activity across devices if you’ve previously signed in to your Google Account on another device.
Cookie to used for re-targeting and running personalised ads



LinkedIn, a professional networking site, allows its members to create business connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients.




Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as tweets .



Yahoo uses cookies and other technologies to uniquely identify the browsers and devices that interact with our website and ads. Once Yahoo are able to uniquely identify the browsers or devices, we collect information from them for Advertising purposes



AR_Sophux EDX

Track and record a user as they move between different domains. Segment users to understand and target those that are not engaged. Determine the key performance indicators of the site and setup profiles and advanced segments within to focus in on those areas.



Epsilon allows brands to engage with relevant consumers at the individual level accurately and efficiently communicating across all their devices. With 20+ years of product development within personalised display, our 1st party tech stack allows brands to understand more about their consumers than ever before, at scale. Leveraging on our Core IDTM network and cross device identification solution, we will serve highly personalised messaging to only relevant, in market individuals.

Ignition One

Ignition One_Visits

The IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform processes real-time customer data to enable personalized engagement across your marketing channels.

Campaign Manager

202007_en_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Hot-QuoteRequestPartExchange

202007_en_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Hot-BrochurePostRequest

202007_en_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Cold-DealerLocatorSearch

202007_en_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Cold-CompletedConfiguration

202007_cv_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Hot-TestDriveRequest

202007_cv_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Hot-AfterSalesBookingComplete

202007_cv_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Cold-ServiceBooking

202007_cv_GoogleCM Floodlight - MCM Peugeot_UK_KPI-Cold-PriceListDownload

202007_cv_GoogleCM MCM Floodlight - Peugeot_UK_KPI-Hot-RegisterInterest

Campaign Manager is a web-based ad management system for advertisers and agencies. It helps you manage your digital campaigns across websites and mobile. This includes a robust set of features for ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting.

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google's advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search. Online ad tracking cookies will track engagement with campaigns and show you relevant online advertising based on what you have viewed and clicked, as well as pages of our website that you have visited


202111_en_Amazon peugeot_uk_aftersales_spring check

202111_en_Amazon peugeot_uk_aftersales_service offer

202111_en_Amazon peugeot_uk_aftersales_book online

202111_en_Amazon peugeot_uk_aftersales_approved tyres

202111_en_Amazon peugeot_uk_aftersales_accessories


Amazon is a DSP managed by GroupM Trading Desk. Amazon is not getting any personal data. Only put conversion pixel to count conversions. Also exist the possibility to implement retargeting pixels. Amazon put cookies to the PSA users to choose the best ads based in their navigation into of the PSA webpage and count conversions to statistics proposes



The Answer's session cookie is used to identify repeat searches for query optimization and session analytics. With the session cookie, it is possible to see all the searches that are made by a website visitor / consumer during a browsing session. The cookie will share data with the endpoint




Glassbox _cls_s The session identifying cookie. It also indicates if the visitor is new or existing.


_cls_v The visitor identifying cookie.


The visitor identifying cookie.

In order to enjoy the best possible experience of we recommend that you leave your cookies settings as they are.What do I do now?

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