Looking after your service and maintenance reminders for you

You needn’t worry about when your PEUGEOT needs servicing or if an alert goes off while you’re driving. With our Intelligent Telemaintenance, PEUGEOT continuously monitors the key functions of your vehicle and notifies you as soon as something needs attention. If you have signed up to this free service, we will  contact you so you can book an appointment at your chosen Retailer.​

Telemaintenance is provided free of charge by PEUGEOT for a minimum of three years, or for as long as you own the vehicle and remain subscribed.

In the meantime, you can enjoy carefree motoring, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is performing as it should be.

Intelligent and trustworthy

All of your vehicle’s data is encrypted and held securely, with only PEUGEOT able to access it.

Integrated assistance

PEUGEOT continually monitors the status of your vehicle and will contact you as soon as there is an alert that requires attention. You’ll be reminded of any forthcoming repairs or maintenance work and when required, we’ll contact you so you can  book your vehicle in at your chosen retailer.​

Tailored information

We will only contact you for alerts that need your attention. The alerts for your vehicle include:

  • Service due
  • Fluid levels
  • Powertrain
  • Safety system
  • Electrical system
  • Braking system
  • Driving assistance system
  • Tyres
How to activate the service
If your vehicle is equipped with Connect SOS & Assistance System, it is connected-ready and you should be able to benefit from this service.

On the Peugeot Services Store, you can create or sign in to your account (use your MyPeugeot App login if you have it), add your vehicle using your VIN and see the services compatible with your vehicle. With a few clicks, you can review the terms and conditions and subscribe to Telemaintenance. We will then activate your vehicle and provide you with this very helpful free service.