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July 2022

5 minute read

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The MYPEUGEOT application is your best friend! It allows you to manage your car very easily from your smartphone or your tablet. And you don't even have to be near your vehicle.


To explain all its features, we have imagined the typical day of a family using the app on a daily basis.

Welcome to the Miller family, fans of the PEUGEOT brand!

The Millers have always driven PEUGEOT cars. Very aware of environmental issues, they considered investing in a 100% electric model when they replaced their old 3008. Not yet ready to go 100% electric, they chose a compromise: a 3008 Plug-In Hybrid. Their hesitations didn't last very long, because after a few months of use, they were convinced and bought their daughter an e-208. They also admit to using it very often! 



In the morning, it's always the same ritual. As soon as he gets up, Mr Miller programs the two cars from his phone, depending on the outside temperature, by connecting to the MYPEUGEOT application: air conditioning or heating in case of cold weather. He also takes the opportunity to check the charge levels of the vehicles. He usually recharges them every other day via the wallbox installed in the garage of the family home and schedules recharging to benefit from the "off-peak" rate.

Today, Mrs. Miller has to go to her parents' house, 155 miles from her home. She knows that taking the SUV on the road would allow her to drive in complete peace of mind, but she wants to test the e-208's range. She wants to give her daughter, who is afraid of taking the car on a long journey, some tangible evidence!  
She is very relaxed because she programmed her journey on her phone and then sent it to the car's navigation system. And since the car has a range of up to 225 miles (WLTP), she won't have to recharge it on the road. 
Mr. Miller, for his part, is going to spend his day discovering (at last! he had never taken the time to do so) all the specificities and functionalities of his 3008 Plug-In Hybrid. He even scans a part of the car with his smartphone's camera, which instantly shows him the documentation and tutorials available on the topic. 
Mr. Miller takes the opportunity to check the e-208's data on his smartphone. The statistics of the distances covered in relation to the energy costs allow him to estimate whether the car is using its full electric potential. He tells himself that he is going to explain to his daughter how to use the regenerative brake so that she will adopt optimal driving behaviour.

His wife calls to tell him that she has arrived at her destination in less than three hours.  She even has enough time left to take her parents to a restaurant. That's enough to convince his daughter!


So, are you convinced by this day with the Millers?

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