July, 2023

2 minutes read

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Travel as you please: the car's role in a new kind of holiday freedom


As summer settles in, it's time for a holiday. Whatever the destination, the journey is an integral part of the adventure and has a major influence on our memories of the whole experience. That's where the car comes in: it has profoundly transformed the way we travel. Since the boom of the automotive industry in the 1950s and 1960s, holidays have become accessible to most people, radically changing our travel habits.

The car: a symbol of freedom

Before the car was widely used, holidays were a luxury reserved for the elite. But the explosion in car production has helped to close the gap and facilitate family travel, offering unprecedented freedom of movement. Today, over 60% of Europeans use their car to go on holiday.

Any car, any holiday 


Not only is the car the preferred means of transport to get to your destination, it also plays a key role once you get there. When traveling by plane, train or boat, you often have to rent a car on the other side anyway to experience your destination to the fullest.

The van life: a different way to travel


For some, the car is more than just a means of transport, it's also a place to live. Followers of the 'van life' movement transform utility vehicles into veritable homes on wheels. Kitchenette, storage space, bunk…, it's all there! If you're thinking about converting a van for a live/holiday situation, be sure to do your research first. 

A vehicle for everyone 


Others prefer to make their holidays more active, taking to the roads by bike – an excellent way to keep fit while enjoying the journey. And if you find the hills a bit too challenging, you could always opt for an electric bike for a more gentle, environmentally-friendly mode of transport. Let yourself be carried along and enjoy the scenery! Find the bike you need for mountain biking, trekking, running or city biking, for adults and children, electric or non-electric.

Travelling by electric car: the new revolution


The latest revolution in the automotive world is the electric car. It's silent, reliable and more respectful of the environment. A major advantage is that it will enable you to drive freely in low-emission zones, even during the heat waves that often accompany pollution peaks.

However, going on vacation in an electric car requires a certain amount of preparation. It's important to plan your itinerary according to available recharging points, and to optimise your recharging time with a few tips. And don't forget to factor this time into your travel schedule.


Make your drive more eco-friendly:

  • reduce your speed
  • drive smoothly
  • use regenerative braking on the downhill run to recover energy consumed on the uphill run
  • maintain your battery at a charge level of 20-80%
  • avoid overloading your vehicle
  • check your tyre pressure.



The car has ensured holidays are available to more travellers. With its wide range of vehicles and mobility services, Peugeot offers solutions for every type of holiday, from family road trips to weekend cycling. Book your test drive today at your nearest sales outlet.