Order a new Peugeot from your sofa!

Buying a new car has always traditionally been a labour of love and somewhat daunting for most people. It's rare that any of us really know what brand, model or spec we want exactly and it's fairly typical for most of us to be considering several brands and several different models when considering a new car.

And even when you've decided, it always takes a lot of time and effort to visit dealerships, find the right car with a deal you're happy with and arrange a test drive.

Here at Peugeot we know that around 95% of you research online before visiting a dealership to buy your car, so it got us thinking about if we could offer a full buying online experience for new Peugeot cars. In a world where we buy nearly everything else online - from groceries to clothes to furniture and everything inbetween, it made sense to us to offer our customers the opportunity to be able to buy a new car the same way.



So after a lot of brain-storming, developing and thorough testing, our talented team launched 'Order Online by Peugeot' - the first website to offer customers a true end-to-end ordering a new car online experience, where you can configure, get a part-ex deal, get a finance deal and order your new Peugeot online, and even have it delivered to your home without ever having to visit a dealership.

Quite honestly, we didn't know if our customers would be ready to order their new Peugeot online - with a new car being the second biggest purchase after a house for the majority of people in the UK we wondered if people would be happy to order a new car online without having the reassurance of a dealer standing over them when they signed on the dotted line. But something told us that if we could build a site that customers found easy to use, that showed them everything they needed to know and took them through the car buying process step-by-step, it might just work - and happily, we weren't wrong!

After configuring their perfect Peugeot, getting a part exchange valuation for their car and selecting a personalised fincnce option, the checkout process couldn't be simpler...


Peugeot Order Online Choose your Delivery

First, choose your preferred delivery method (home or dealer), delivery date and dealer who will take initial delivery of your brand new Peugeot.

Peugeot Order Online Register your Details

Then, register (or log-in to retrieve the details of your previously saved car) and progress through the checkout. Make sure you have your info to hand.

Peugeot Order Online Check your ID

Finally, we will authenticate your personal details and perform an online credit check for your finance application in order to progress your order.

In the past year since launching Order Online by Peugeot we've already taken hundreds of orders, and because we've offered full support for online customers via our dealerships and customer contact team, all of our customers have bought online with confidence, resulting in lots of happy Peugeot drivers who are some of the first in the UK to order a car online.

And we haven't stopped there. Since launch we've continued to develop and improve our online experience, listening to customer feedback and making the experience even simpler. We're adding new ways to buy and more and more models and optional extras all the time, with the hope that the entire Peugeot range and all buying options currently available through our dealerships will be available online in the coming months.

But if ordering a car online still feels a scary prospect, we of course haven't removed the traditional car buying process, with over 200 Peugeot dealerships around the country at your service. Or you can even choose a combination of both - our order online site allows you the flexibility of placing your order through our website but having your car delivered to your local dealership, so you can collect your new Peugeot when it arrives and still experience the full dealer handover experience.

So if you're considering a new Peugeot as your next car, grab yourself a cuppa, browse our range and discover just how easy it is to buy online form the comfort of your sofa! We promise you, you'll never look back.