Peugeot Maintenance Services

Service and maintenance made effortless: Experience unparalleled excellence in our workshops, guided by the close proximity and expert knowledge of our highly qualified service advisors and technicians, all diligently trained to provide exceptional care for both you and your Peugeot.



Peugeot Service delivers a genuine maintenance experience. With a vast network of approved repairers throughout the UK, the Peugeot network offers a wide array of services to enhance your daily life. From maintenance to tailored packages that suit your needs and budget, to dedicated services and streamlined procedures, ensuring you can enjoy the road with utmost safety and convenience.





Experience the expertise of Peugeot professionals at the core of our workshops. With MyPeugeot, receive timely reminders for your manufacturer's service or vehicle maintenance, and access this information through your 'maintenance e-book.'  We offer comprehensive service and maintenance plans, allowing you to spread the cost of your servicing and maintenance.  Easily schedule appointments with just a few clicks. With Peugeot Service, enjoy the road with confidence!​






Aftersales offers

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Service plans for all your needs
To ensure your vehicle receives top-notch maintenance, Peugeot Service offers a range of service and maintenance plans to suit your needs.

Request an appointment online

With just a few clicks, you can select your nearest workshop and choose the specific time for your visit. Peugeot Service goes to great lengths to ensure the follow-up, maintenance, or repair of your vehicle.
GPS updates

Your navigation system requires updated map data to operate at its best. That's why Peugeot recommends regular map material updates.

Certificate of conformity
Stellantis, parent company of Peugeot, provides you with a single site where you can obtain the necessary documents (or duplicates) for the registration or re-registration of your vehicle.
Recall campaigns

Recall campaigns concern your safety or the regulatory compliance of your vehicle. 

You should contact your authorised repairer as soon as possible if your vehicle is affected. These interventions are carried out free of charge.

Spare parts

The Peugeot network offers you a wide choice of spare parts for your car. Between original Peugeot parts, called MOPAR, multi-brand parts or parts from the circular economy, our experts adapt to your requests and try to find the best solution for a better controlled budget.
The Peugeot network offers a range of tyres, choice of manufacturers, adapted to the age of your car and your budget.