Peugeot 5008


Between 131 - 181 hp

Combined Fuel Consumption in MPG (l/100km)
Between 36.4 (7.8) – 60.8 (4.6)

Combined CO2 emissions (WLTP)
Between 133-158 g/km

PEUGEOT 5008: the 7 seater SUV

Get on board for a new level of imposing style, full of space and boldness. With a sporty design and a fluidity you wouldn't expect from a 7-seater SUV, the PEUGEOT 5008 revamps the modernity of its lines, displaying the design codes of tomorrow.


Its enhanced driving position and top-of-the-range features offer you an excellent driving experience and the performance of a grand touring car.


Expand your idea of imposing style. 

The new 7-seater SUV PEUGEOT 5008 revamps the modernity of its silhouette, with elegance and maturity, striking a perfect balance between power and refinement.


With a new frameless radiator grille and brand identity lighting signature, its front end appears perfectly integrated, sculptural and distinctive, with a new metallic silver lower bumper trim and glossy black side scoops. The dynamic and sporty stance of its raised body design is highlighted by the chrome insert that extends the line of the headlights to the rear spoiler, and enhanced by the new 19" San Francisco diamond-cut alloy wheelsAvailable as standard on GT Premium version that add a final touch to its athletic muscular body.


Its new frameless vertical, chiselled, chequered radiator grille, which extends with fine blades, boasts an integrated front end, with smooth and streamlined lines.


Its full LED headlights, fitted with the SDLStatic Directional Lighting function, which significantly improves visibility on bends. Available as standard on GT and GT Premium versions. function and framed by “illuminated fang” daytime running lights with chrome-plated tips, enhance its feline look.


At the rear, the modern stature of the PEUGEOT 5008 has been enhanced by the perfect alignment of the gloss black strip, new Full LED lights with 3D claws and scrolling indicators covered with a transparent 'smoke' lens.


The "Black Diamond" roofStandard on GT and GT Premium, optional on Allure premium, fitted with aluminium roof railsStandard from Allure, enhances the robust and flowing design of its silhouette.


The panoramic sunroofAvailable as an option or not available according to versionadds more pleasure and light in the passenger compartment, for an exciting travel experience for all passengers.


Compact in its category, the PEUGEOT 5008 provides lots of space. The interior fittings have been optimised with intelligence to offer excellent spaciousness and an unlimited (almost) modular layout from 1 to 7 seatsThe interior layout is facilitated by independent, collapsible seats in rows 2 and 3 (also removable in row 3)..


It also allows easy access to a large boot volumeLarge boot volume of 780 dm³ (VDA 210) up to 1,940 dm³ (VDA 214). Possibility of loading long objects up to 3.20 m, thanks to the folding feature of the front passenger seat., thanks to the Hands-Free TailgateAs standard, optional or unavailable depending on version.which lets you open and close the motorised tailgate with a simple foot movement.



Allow yourself to be enticed by the new "BLACK PACK"Available on GT and GT Premium​option:

  • The frameless radiator grille and its "Lion" badge are darker in "Dark Chrome"
  • The PEUGEOT, 5008 and GT monograms and roof rails are satin black
  • The front wing, roof and spoiler finishers are in gloss black
  • Special "Washington" 19" diamond-cut "Onyx Black" aluminium wheel rims with "Black Mist" varnish.


Amplify your sensations at the wheel of the modernised, innovative and ergonomic PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®.


Fitted with a compact steering wheel for improved handling and seven toggles switchesPiano keys giving access to the main comfort functions, the PEUGEOT 5008 comes with a new 10" HD central touchscreenStandard from Allureand the new 12.3" head-up digital instrument panel in high-quality display, fully configurable and customisable, to follow the main elements of your driving without taking your eyes off the road. 


To guide you with complete peace of mind, the new 10" HD central touchscreen is easy to read and responsive, and is linked with the Connected 3D Navigation with voice recognition, including real-time traffic and risk areas from TomTom ServicesTomTom® services allow all factors that are essential to your drive to be displayed in real time: real-time traffic, petrol stations, car parks, weather, local searches and risk areas by TomTom services (depending on local legislation). Subscription to all of these services is included for 3 years and can then be extended or renewed online (fees apply)..


Use the Mirror ScreenThe Mirror Screen function allows you to mirror your smartphone apps on the touchscreen. The Mirror Screen function operates as appropriate via Android Auto (for smartphones under Android), via Apple CarPlayTM (for smartphones under iOS) or, until May 2021, via MirrorLink® technology (for MirrorLink®-compatible smartphones under Android and only in association with the "Peugeot Connect Radio" equipment), subject to having a mobile and internet package. Only these three approved apps will work when stationary and when driving, as applicable. When driving, certain functions in the relevant apps will be disabled. Some types of content that can be accessed for free from your smartphone require a paid subscription to an equivalent approved Android Auto, Apple CarPlayTM or MirrorLink® app. Get more information from the PEUGEOT site for your country.function to mirror your favourite compatible apps on the touchscreen, and charge your phone on the smartphone charging plateAvailable as standard or unavailable. Induction charging for devices compatible with the Qi standard. 


In the rear, two USB Available as standard or not available according to versioncharging sockets are also available for passengers.


With deeper black and better contrast, the new customisable and configurable, 12.3" digital head-up instrument panel provides better display quality and optimised legibility of the information selected by the driver, for increased responsiveness.


Conveniently placed within reach, the new 10" high-definition, legible and responsive central touchscreen provides access to all vehicle functions and connectivity.


Comfortably seated in a wrap-around AGRAGR seats (Aktion Gesunder Rücken: German Campaign for Healthier Backs). Available as an option or not available.driver's seat, electrically adjustable with multi-point massage functionElectrical adjustment and multi-point massage function: Available as an option or not available. You'll be able to appreciate the quality of finish of the interior and the upholstery in refined and timeless materials.


Take full advantage of the premium Hi-Fi sound system by Focal®Focal® is a world-leading French high-fidelity solutions brand. The subwoofer is located under the driver's seat so as not to affect use of the boot. Available as standard, as an option or not available according to version. , offering the pleasure of pure, detailed sound broadcast over the ten integrated speakers, whose central channel and tweeters match the new "Bronze Belem" colour.
Agile and easy to handle, equipped with efficient engines, the PEUGEOT 5008 SUV has all the dynamic features and acoustic comfort of a grand touring car.


On the road, the many driving aidsStandard, optional, or unavailable depending on version.of the PEUGEOT 5008 accompany you, such as the latest generation automatic emergency braking systemDetection of pedestrians and cyclists, day and night, with collision risk warning. As standard, optional or unavailable depending on version.or the extended road sign recognitionDetection of speed limit and end of speed limit signs, as well as stop, one-way, overtaking prohibited signs, etc., etc. For peace-of-mind urban driving, also benefit from manoeuvring and parking aidsStandard, optional, or unavailable depending on version.: 360° visual parking aid and Park Assist.


Advanced Grip Control is a pack consisting of optimised traction control4 grip modes: normal, snow, mud and sand - Available as an option or unavailable.and Hill Assists Descent ControlComing from the world of 4x4s, this hill descent assist system automatically regulates the vehicle speed according to the slope angle with gradual movement, with no action on the accelerator or brake. It allows you to adapt your grip to the most difficult conditions: snow, mud or sand.


On steep slopes, the Hill Assist Descent Control offers improved traction on the road or on difficult terrain.


In night-time conditions, the exclusive 'Night Vision"Night Vision. Optional or unavailable depending on version.system with infrared camera will detect the presence of pedestrians or animals up to 200m in front of the vehicle, beyond the range of headlights and will warn you with an alert signal. Automatic emergency braking can also be triggered if pedestrians or cyclists are located near the vehicle.


Learn about semi-autonomous driving with the “Drive Assist Plus” packOnly with the EAT8 gearbox. Available as standard, optional or unavailable depending on version.. With its lane positioning assist systemThe system allows the driver to maintain a central position in the lane.and the adaptive cruise control including the Stop & GoSystem that uses a radar in the middle of the front bumper and a camera at the top of the windscreen.feature, it automatically adapts your speed to match the car in front, maintaining a safe stopping distance.




With multiple services available, the benefits are endless. Discover how PEUGEOT does connectivity.


Control your PEUGEOT 5008 remotely using the free MyPeugeot®Subject to access to the mobile network and available according to locationapplication and benefit from real-time personalised services, synchronised with your account:

  • Keep an eye on your vehicle's status (event data, location).
  • Quick and easy access to assistance.
  • Manage your vehicle's maintenance and service requirements.


Discover the PEUGEOT 5008: the large top-of-the-range SUV with up to 7 modular seats that's daring, high-tech and high-performance, and designed for professionals.


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