Electric motors for PEUGEOT vehicles

PEUGEOT's electric vehicles provide zero-emission, fluid and quiet driving, as well as high-quality road performance.



Compact and responsive

The permanent-magnet electric motor offers a maximum output of 100 kW/110 hp and torque of 260 Nm. It provides optimal driving pleasure: reduced vibration, a silent motor PEUGEOT electric vehicles are fitted with an acoustic vehicle alerting system which operates at speeds below 18mph. and zero emissions in driving phase.

The electric motor is supported by:
  • An inverter: This transforms the direct current provided by the electric motor. The inverter is located between the battery and electric motor.
  • A speed-reducer: An electric car does not have a gearbox but a speed-reducer. This makes the electric motor's rotation speed compatible with the car's usual speed range.


High-performance battery

Factors affecting the range of your electric vehicle  

At 80 mph, the range of a 100% electric vehicle is halved compared to the WLTP-approved range. 
Outside temperatures, regardless of whether heating or air conditioning are used, directly affect the range of your vehicle. At 0 ° degrees, this is reduced by 10%. 
Smooth and eco-responsible driving will enable you to optimise your range.
Heating and air conditioning can be responsible for 10 to 30% of your battery consumption. However, other vehicle features (radio, lights, windscreen wipers, etc.) have very little impact. 
When driving uphill, your consumption is increased and impacts your range. But downhill, thanks to regenerative braking you recover energy. 
Quick and easy
Accelerated charging at home with a Wallbox
Charging from a Type 2 (Mode 3) dedicated electric vehicle charging point is the recommended way to charge your vehicle on a daily basis.  This cable is provided as standard with the vehicle. PEUGEOT has partnered with Pod Point Find out more about Pod Point:, meaning you can benefit from a solution that's adapted to the installation of your charging terminal at your home. Government subsidies are available in the UK to support Wallbox installation Terms & Conditions apply.

Using a 7kW Wallbox, your e-208 or e-2008 will fully charge in around 7.5 hours.
Charging from a domestic plug
You will need to buy an accessory cable if you wish to charge from a domestic socket, as this is not recommended as a daily charging solution. A full charge using a domestic socket will take 24 hours for our e-208 and e-2008 models.


New platform adapted to electric vehicles

The new Common Modular Platform (CMP) has been developed to perfectly integrate energy-specific components without compromising on performance.


Full electric


PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®

The new PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit® with its compact steering wheel, configurable 3D digital instrument panel and its 10'' HD touchscreen is controlled via voice recognition. Mood lighting in 8 colours.

DRIVE ASSIST Available as standard, as an option or not available according to version

The new Drive Assist ushers in the era of semi-autonomous and intelligent driving with on-board radars and cameras.


By activating the "Brake" mode, the engine brake charges the battery during deceleration.

  • Sport: priority to performance and sensations.
  • Normal: for daily use and maximum comfort.
  • Eco: optimisation of battery life.


Stay connected to your vehicle

Enjoy customised services synced to your account in real time with the free MyPeugeot  Subject to mobile network access and depending on market  app:


  • Keep an eye on your vehicle’s status (driving data, location).
  • Quick and easy access to assistance.
  • Manage your vehicle’s maintenance and service requirements.
  • Easily view the battery charging information and in-car temperature of your all-electric car.