Peugeot 309

Peugeot 309

The PEUGEOT 309 hatchback was a small-medium family car produced between 1985 and 1993.

It was originally intended to be a Talbot badged model called the Talbot Arizona, but PEUGEOT's parent company, PSA, decided to discontinue the Talbot brand in 1985. At this time, PEUGEOT weren't ready to replace their popular 305 model, so called this model the 309 to reflect its different origins. The 309's design also reflected these origins, showcasing several key differences from the 205 and 405 models of the same era.

The 309 was notably the first PEUGEOT to be assembled in the Ryton-on-Dunsmore factory in Coventry, England. Thanks to it's British origins, it became highly popular in the UK, especially with the introduction of the 308 GTi version, which quickly established itself as the class leading hot hatch of its time.

Production of the 309 stopped in 1993, with the introduction of the 306, returning PEUGEOT to their usual numbering system. The 306 was replaced by the 307 in 2011, which in turn was replaced by the 308 in 2007. After deciding to end their numerical progression in 2013, the model was revamped to the PEUGEOT 308 in January 2014.


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