Electric car maintenance and pricing

Because it's more straightforward than a combustion engine, having an electric motor frees you of a number of maintenance requirements. You'll no longer need an oil change, or to change belts, bulbs or oil filters, meaning you'll need to go to the garage less often and you'll save money! What's more, an electric vehicle doesn't have a gearbox, which will also make life easier and will avoid costly maintenance bills.

Nevertheless, just because the maintenance is less restrictive doesn't mean you can neglect it altogether. By following a few recommendations, you will be able to fully enjoy the long-term benefits of a driving experience only a PEUGEOT electric vehicle can offer.


It goes without saying that driving an electric car doesn't mean you don't have to change the tyres at regular intervals. It is of course also still necessary to ensure the full functionality of the brakes, steering, suspension, wipers and all of the mechanical features that ensure passenger safety.

Please note that maintenance of the brakes on an electric vehicle isn't required as frequently. Because the energy recovery system slows the vehicle when the driver is no longer accelerating, the brake pads are used far less and therefore wear down much slower.

Maintenance specifically for electric vehicles

Quite simply – there isn't any. The only thing to keep an eye on is the battery, but that doesn't require any particular attention. To optimise its lifespan, it is simply advised that you avoid regularly charging it to 100% or, conversely, allowing the charge to drop below 20% too often.


Summary of maintenance to be carried out on the  e-208 or the  e-2008:


  • First service at 8,000 miles / 1 year, then servicing every 16,000 miles / 2 years
  • Change brake fluid every 2 years
  • Replace pollen filter every 16,000 miles / 2 years
  • Check coolant pH at 80,000 miles / 4 years, then every 16,000 miles / 2 years
According to a study carried out by fleet management company FATEC, the maintenance cost of an electric vehicle is, on average, a quarter of that of a combustion engine vehicle.

With the average mileage generally being lower on electric vehicles, it becomes obvious that anyone driving an e-208 or e-2008 will see considerable savings on maintenance, as well as saving on fuel costs


To ensure the peace of mind of its e-208 or e-2008 customers, PEUGEOT has developed the Serenity service, which includes:


  • 24/7 roadside assistance, also covering power failures. The vehicle is towed within a 20 mile radius to either your home, your office or a public charging station.

  • battery certification. A certificate is issued after each maintenance procedure to confirm the quality and durability of the battery.