Peugeot 807

Peugeot 807

The PEUGEOT 807 was a large MPV produced between 2002 and 2012, though UK production ended in 2009.

Labelled as a 'Eurovan', the 807 offered a rounder, more contemporary look, along with a modern-looking interior and sliding rear doors. It also boasted a new flexible interior, now common-place in our MPV range range range allowing the option of a third row to make it a 7-seater.

The PEUGEOT 807 Grand Tourisme was the first version to boast a new V6 engine, which PEUGEOT unveiled at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show.

When the 807 rolled off the UK production line in 2009, it was succeeded by the 5008 Crossover, which was then succeeded by the all-new 5008 SUV in 2017.


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