Peugeot Onyx concept
Peugeot Onyx concept


PEUGEOT has again turned dream into reality with the PEUGEOT Onyx Supercar Concept, a 21st-century supercar designed for admirers of high performance
Onyx Concept was created by enthusiasts who drew their inspiration from the world of competition.

With its V8 engine in a central rear position, the PEUGEOT Onyx supercar propels its admirers into a world of high performance, always under control, thanks to an intuitive driving position. Apart from its astounding looks, PEUGEOT Onyx Concept it explores new natural materials, to take efficiency even further.

PEUGEOT has never ceased to express its passion for innovation over its 204-year history and is one of the oldest vehicle brands. It is also the only one to offer a complete range of personal mobility products: bicycles, motor-cycles, cars and light commercial vehicles.

The PEUGEOT Onyx Supercar Concept, the Onyx Concept bike and the Onyx Concept scooter are the expression of this vision of the future in their respective worlds.