PEUGEOT tyres for business users

Are your vehicles doing a lot of driving? Don't take any risks when it comes safety. Choose the right tyres for your PEUGEOT. 


With PEUGEOT's complete service:

  • You can buy your tyres at our retailers
  • Have them fitted and balanced to prevent premature wear and ensure a comfortable drive


You can find a large and competitive range at our retailers:

  • Large range of leading brands available
  • PEUGEOT Approved Eurorepar Reliance Tyres

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PEUGEOT Approved Eurorepar Reliance Tyres 
Quality and Value 

Our new range of Approved Eurorepar Reliance tyres give you the excellent grip levels and durability you expect from PEUGEOT, and more. Having the right tyres fitted can also help save fuel and improve performance. Plus, being part of PEUGEOT’s Approved Parts range they also offer superb value for money.


Available in 23 tyre sizes from 14” up to 17”. So whatever PEUGEOT you drive we have the right tyre for your car.



Change and store your tyres depending on the season

When the temperature falls below 7°C, your summer tyres will no longer have adequate grip: 

- the rubber hardens, 

- performance decreases. 


They need to be replaced with winter tyres for the safety of you and your co-workers. Because it's more economical in the long run, we recommend that you equip yourself with a set of winter wheels. Does your business lack the space to store two sets of tyres?


PEUGEOT has set up a caretaking solution in the form of the PEUGEOT Tyre Hotel, which offers two storage options:

• for one season of your choice (6-month duration)

• or for the whole year (12-month duration)


We guarantee:

- cleaning, 

- wear and tear check 

- We will also store the tyres in optimal conditions in terms of temperature, hydrometry and brightness to maintain performance.

We will notify you when it is necessary to switch your tyres.