Past Peugeot Models

past peugeot models

Changing times

Times change. And our models change with them. Which means we've already bid a fond farewell on our production line to many of the Peugeot models you may know and love.

Look below for a snapshot of some of the most popular Peugeot models in recent history and click 'Find out more' to read about the history of the model and its latest model equivalent. Or view all our current models by clicking the button below - there's something for everyone in the Peugeot range.

And if you're still set on owning one of our older models, why not visit our used cars website to see what your local Peugeot dealer has in stock?

peugeot 106

Peugeot 106

1991-2004. Popular for it's comfortable ride and low running costs.

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peugeot 1007

Peugeot 1007

2004-2009. The first Peugeot to feature a "double zero" number.

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peugeot 206

Peugeot 206

1998-2006. Peugeot's best-selling car of all time.

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peugeot 306

Peugeot 306

1993-2001. One of the Top 10 Best Selling Cars in Britain 1994-98.

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peugeot 308 cc

Peugeot 308 CC

2009-2014. Our only true four-seater coupe cabriolet.

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peugeot 405

Peugeot 405

1987-1995. Crowned 'European Car of the Year' 1988

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peugeot 407

Peugeot 407

2004-2010. Runner-up in the 'European Car of the Year' awards in 2005.

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peugeot 504

Peugeot 504

1968-1983. Crowned 'European Car of the Year' in 1969.

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peugeot 806

Peugeot 806

1994-2002. Our first 7-seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

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peugeot bipper tepee

Peugeot Bipper Tepee

2008-2014. Our practical and economical compact MPV.

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Peugeot 107

2005-2014. Our much-loved, nippy, chic and cheeky city car.

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peugeot 205

Peugeot 205

1983-1998. Voted 'Car of the Decade' by CAR magazine.

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peugeot 207

Peugeot 207

2006-2012. Another best-seller, spawning SW and CC versions.

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peugeot 307

Peugeot 307

2001-2007. Awarded 'European Car of the Year' in 2002.

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peugeot 309

Peugeot 309

1985-1993. The first Peugeot to be assembled in Coventry, England.

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peugeot 406

Peugeot 406

1995-2004. Crowned 'What Car? Car of the Year' 1996.

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peugeot 4007

Peugeot 4007

2007-2012. Our first high-spec compact crossover model.

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peugeot 607

Peugeot 607

1999-2010. Our first modern executive car with top specifications.

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peugeot 807

Peugeot 807

2004-2009. Our first modern MPV with a flexible interior.

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past peugeot models - rcz

Peugeot RCZ

2010-2015. Our unique and much-loved coupe.

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