From interior ergonomics such as our PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® to innovative safety features like Hill Assist and Grip Control®,
PEUGEOT cars are designed with both the driver and passengers in mind with an assortment of innovations.


Grip Control® technology*, is an advanced traction control system which allows the car to grip the road in all conditions by optimising the traction of both front wheels. Five modes are available: Standard, Snow, All-Terrain, Sand and ESP.  The beauty of this technology is that it uses electronic components already installed in the vehicle meaning that no extra weight is added and therefore no excessive fuel consumption occurs, unlike a traditional 4x4.

With Advanced Grip Control® the system also incorporates a new Hill Assist Descent Control (HADC)*, which optimises vehicle control on steep slopes. When descending a slope with a gradient of more than 5% and with vehicle speed below 19mph the system will work to reduce the risk of slipping. During a descent the system maintains speed and brake control, allowing the driver to concentrate on the vehicles path of travel during the manoeuvre.

Peugeot 5008 SUV on incline

A clever feature incorporated within the Hill Assist Descent Control system is our unique 'Clutch Mode' security function. Selecting this function for very steep slopes regulates the vehicle speed to 2mph (3km/h), this allows the vehicle to creep down a steep slope in a completely controlled manner.

 *According to version.


Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEBS):

 An intelligent autonomous braking system designed to avoid a collision or limit its severity by reducing the vehicle's speed. The system is triggered if the driver does not react quickly enough, by activating the vehicle's brakes.  A multifunction camera located at the top of the windscreen coupled with a front bumper mounted radar are able to detect obstructions on the road. The system is able to detect vehicles that are moving in the same direction (up to National Speed Limit), or are at a stop (up to 50mph), together with pedestrians in the road (up to 37mph).

 Distance Alert System:

Working in conjunction with AEBS, the distance alert function warns the driver if the vehicle risks a collision with the vehicle in front or a pedestrian in the road. Two levels of warning are available, the first 'Amber' warning provides a visual alert to the potential risk. In a more a severe instance a 'Red' visual and audible alert indicate a collision is imminent and driver action is required, failure to act triggers AEBS.

 *Available on new 308, 3008 SUV, all-new 5008 SUV – optional or standard dependent on version


The Enhanced Park Assist system uses cameras so the driver can view all areas around the vehicle on the on-board touchscreen. A bird's eye view of the vehicle and its immediate vicinity is displayed in real time as and when you manoeuvre. This means the driver has a 360° view and can see any nearby obstacles.

 *Available on new 308, 3008 SUV, all-new 5008 SUV – optional or standard dependent on version


Peugeot Lane Keeping Technology

Featuring two lane keeping technologies, the vehicle is able to identify lines on the road via a windscreen mounted camera. The technologies are as follows:

  • Lane Departure Warning: a system that monitors continuous and discontinuous lines and warns the driver if a longitudinal lane marking on the ground is accidentally crossed. If steering deviation is detected, you are alerted by a flashing indicator on the digital instrument panel and an audible signal in the cabin.
  • Active Lane Keeping Assistance : As soon as the system identifies a risk of accidentally crossing one of the marking lines detected on the ground, the steering is gradually corrected to keep the vehicle in lane, at speeds of over 40mph.

 *Available on new 308, 3008 SUV, all-new 5008 SUV – optional or standard dependent on version


Peugeot Attention Alert System

A two stage driver alert system for added safety on the road, comprising:

  • Driver Attention Alert 1 (DAA1): it is important to take frequent breaks when travelling over long distances. A timed alert system operates at speeds in excess of 40mph, after two hours of driving a message is displayed recommending that you take a break.
  • Driver Attention Alert 3 (DAA3): controlled by a camera at the top of the windscreen designed to analyse the vehicles trajectory, this active system evaluates the vigilance of the driver at speeds of over 40mph.

By identifying deviations relative to the road markings the vehicle is able to determine whether the vehicle's behaviour reflects a certain degree of driver drowsiness or inattention. If it is felt that the driver needs to take better care on the road a visual and audible alert will occur. If more than three instances occur, the driver will be advised to take a break.

 *Available on new 308, 3008 SUV, all-new 5008 SUV – optional or standard dependent on version


Peugeot Blind Spot Monitoring

Now you can enjoy the feeling of having eyes in the back of your head. Using lateral ultrasound sensors to cover areas out of your field of vision along with the windscreen mounted camera, an LED illuminates in either side door mirror to alert to the presence of a car, lorry, motorbike or bicycle in your blind spot. The system works when overtaking a slower vehicle or when overtaken by a faster vehicle. This intelligent feature operates from speeds as low as 8mph right up to the National Speed Limit.

 *Available on new 308, 3008 SUV, all-new 5008 SUV – optional or standard dependent on version


Peugeot Connect SOS & Assistance button

A vehicle locating communication unit, this feature can be used manually (dedicated SOS button on the console) or automatically (if pyrotechnic devices are deployed). It locates the vehicle precisely and triggers the sending of the appropriate emergency services for a rapid response.

PEUGEOT are the pioneers of this technology, since launching in 2003 Peugeot Connect SOS & Assistance has assisted over 7,000 individuals. The system is subscription free with no additional charges and uses a GPS module and SIM card (built in to the system).

*Available on 208, 2008 SUV, new 308, all-new 3008 SUV, all-new 5008 SUV & Traveller– optional or standard dependent on version