PEUGEOT 208 5-door: SAFETY

PEUGEOT 208 Signature
PEUGEOT 208 Signature

208 5-DOOR

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Wherever you drive, trust the Peugeot 208 to keep your passengers safe as it comes with the latest,
most advanced safety features because no matter how good a driver you are – everyone needs a hand in the city!


Active City Brake* is a technology which makes it possible to avoid an accident or reduce its severity if the driver fails to react. It works in urban conditions at speeds of less than 20 mph. A short range sensor is fitted to the top of the windscreen and can detect other vehicles that are driving in the same direction or stationary. This will automatically trigger an emergency brake to stop the vehicle and avoid a collision entirely or limit the consequences of an accident by reducing the speed of impact.

*Standard on Tech Edition. Cost option on Signature & GT Line.


208 5 door airbags

Drive your Peugeot 208 with confidence, knowing that you and your passengers are protected with six airbags as standard.

Driver and front passenger protection includes two front and two side airbags, while two front and rear curtain airbags protect those in the front and rear seats.


Peugeot 208 ESP

The 208 comes with the latest-generation Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), which is able to detect the first signs of a sideways skid and helps reduce over steer. It keeps the car on course by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels. Department of Transport statistics reveal that cars fitted with ESP are 25% less likely to be involved in fatal accidents.



Your little ones will be as safe as possible in the back of the 208, where there are two three-point ISOFIX fittings for child seats. Two of the three anchor points are at the back of the seat cushion and the third is in the back seat panel.

208 Cruise Control


The 208 is equipped with Cruise Control and Speed Limiter as standard. Set your desired speed limit or activate cruise control – both ensuring you remain at a constant speed. Please ensure you remain within the legal speed limit at all times.


Peugeot City Car 208 5-door Impact Protection Peugeot 208 strong chassis frame

The ultra-light body structure of the 208 was designed to absorb the maximum energy from various types of impact – minimising the consequences for those inside and outside the car. The result is a tough but lightweight vehicle (from 960 kg depending on the version chosen) with greater agility, optimised fuel consumption and even more driving enjoyment for you.


Peugeot 208 SOS

Peugeot Connect SOS is now in use in most major European countries, including the UK, and is technology that could prove vital in an emergency.  It is standard across the Peugeot 208 range.

Automatic emergency call: if the airbags inflate or the seat belt pretensioners are triggered, the vehicle automatically makes an emergency call on behalf of the driver. Peugeot Connect SOS then locates the vehicle, establishes telephone communication with its occupants and arranges for the appropriate emergency service to be dispatched.

Manual emergency call: whether the victim or the witness of an emergency situation, the driver can call Peugeot Connect SOS quickly by pressing the SOS button located on the dashboard (and holding for 3 seconds).



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