Peugeot on-screen

Peugeot on screen


Peugeot models may be the stars of your local dealership, but did you know that a multitude of Peugeot cars have also had starring roles in some of your favourite films and TV shows?

Our latest starring role was in the 2017 big summer blockbuster, Blade Runner 2049 – the long-awaited sequel to the cult sci-fi classic Blade Runner from 1982.

While the main credits, of course, go to Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, you’ll also see your favourite French carmaker appear in the form of a dark and brooding futuristic Peugeot model – the Spinner, driven by Gosling’s detective character, K.

While the Peugeot Spinner doesn’t share the chic curves seen in today’s Peugeot model range, the car was designed especially for the film by the Peugeot Design Lab – responsible for the brand’s impressive array of concept cars - and fits in well with the dark and dystopian future the movie portrays. Whether it rightly predicts Peugeot’s future as a manufacturer of flying cars though, remains to be seen, though the vision it offers for future Peugeot models is certainly inspiring!

Back to the here and now, the Peugeot brand has also featured in several other memorable films of recent years.

Remember the hilarious car journey where everyone’s favourite singleton Bridget (played by the fabulous Renee Zellwegger) describes her one night stand with a handsome American at Glastonbury using the analogy of a puppet show to her friend whose kids are in the back of the car in Bridget Jones’s Baby? Look carefully and you’ll spot she’s driving our Peugeot 108 city car.

And the dramatic car-chase as Scarlett Johannsson tries to outrun the bad guys in the 2014 action thriller Lucy? The unlikely hero she drove was the Peugeot 308 – already a star in its own right after winning the 2014 European Car of the Year accolade, it certainly showed audiences it was definitely a car with impressive handling that could out-run the meanest of movie bad guys.

Gone but not forgotten, our other movie-star car managed to be even cooler than it’s super-cool co-stars. The Peugeot RCZ coupe featured in the 2015 film Focus, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

The car’s sporty looks and double-bubble roof were the perfect choice for this slick crime drama, and the RCZ easily outshines the other American cars featured throughout the film, and is the star of the film’s climatic car chase through the streets of Buenos Aires. Smith apparently became a big fan of the RCZ during filming too.

The RCZ coupe won an impressive array of awards during its lifetime, and although production ended in 2015, it still remains one of the brands most stunning production cars, and is highly sought-after to this day in the used car market.


Peugeot Columbo tribute

But despite all these recent movie cameos, there is one classic Peugeot model still remembered to this day for its starring role on one of America’s longest running and most famous TV series – the iconic Peugeot 403, sidekick to Peter Falk’s famous mac-wearing weathered detective, Columbo.

This famous Peugeot 403 was a 1959 cabriolet version which was deliberately chosen to look as dilapidated as the character of Columbo was. Falk himself chose the car from Universal Studio’s backlot as he felt it suited his character down to the ground.

The Peugeot 403 appeared in nearly every episode and was involved in a lot of the action, including two accidents and multiple car chases, as well as providing a source of humour for supporting characters who continually rib Columbo about his choice of wheels.

But it’s Peugeot who had the last laugh, as the 403 cabriolet became one of the most famous cars in TV history. Indeed, when Columbo star Peter Falk died in 2011, Peugeot released a touching advert in France featuring its star 403 with a message paying tribute to Falk’s much-loved character.

Peugeot may seem an unlikely Hollywood star, but its ever-impressive film and TV credentials grow every year, so watch this space for more starring roles in the near future.