Mum puts new 5008 SUV through its paces

Peugeot 5008 SUV

Hot on the heels of the popular, compact 2008 SUV and the multi-award winning 3008 SUV, Peugeot's latest and largest SUV, the 5008 SUV landed in showrooms early in 2018 and is already turning heads.

The 5008 SUV is an altogether larger beast than the other models in our SUV range, which makes it perfect for larger families who need more space and versatility in their everyday motor. We let mum of three Emma Jones and her demanding family - including her 8 year old and  5 year old sons and her 2 year old daughter - put the all-new 5008 SUV to the test over a month to see if it really is the ultimate family car.


Peugeot 5008 SUV

First of all, the 5008 SUV doesn't look like your typical people carrier on the outside - I was surprised at how sleek and futuristic looking it was. It's clearly a large car and is different and eye-catching, and I love that it doesn't look boxy or like a tank!

I love the domineering grill with the Peugeot lion and the large alloy wheels. My kids loved the front and rear lights and the fact it wasn't a challenge to climb into - some larger family cars feel like you need a step-ladder to climb inside, but this isn't true of the 5008.

My five year old said the inside was like a spaceship, and I have to agree that it's alot different to other interiors I've seen when shopping for a family car in the past. I was a little intimidated when turning the car on, with the digital display springing to life, the colour touchscreen and all the various buttons and gadgets, but after a few minutes sussing out what everything does, I couldn't wait to get going. 

The space in the back was perfect for the kids - they all argued about who should sit in the third row, but it made sense for my eldest to sit there so that my younger two could sit in their car seats with the Isofix fittings in the second row - everyone loved the extra space. The multi-flex interior is simple to install and I love that the third row of seats can be removed when it's just me and my husband or not all of the kids are in the car. There's so much boot space too!

It really did turn heads on our street too - lots of our neighbours popped by to take a look when we bought the car home and were seriously impressed.


Peugeot 5008 SUV technology

The technology on this car is amazing. When I first sat down in the driver's seat I was a bit dazzled with all the buttons and digital displays, but everything is so intuitive that five minutes later I was operating the buttons like a pro!

The touchscreen is really impressive and easy to navigate - was able to find my favourite radio stations and everything from the sat nav to the screen settings was user-friendly and easy to set up.

We could also plug in our MP3 player for longer journies, with sockets both in the front and the back - the kids particularly loved that so they could be charging their tablets while still playing on them, and that definitely was a bonus for me too as it kept them quieter!

The digital display of the clock and speedometer looked and felt really hi-tech. I love the piano key controls - they look great and mean that everything is to hand, so I could change the temperature or fan speed easily. The kids loved being able to control the temperature in the back too, as they're always complaining they're too hot or too cold, and this kept them in control.

Because of the size of the car, the reversing camera and front and rear parking sensors were a godsend. I'm not bad at parking (despite what my husband says!) but they really helped in tight spots and to see hidden dangers in the camera.

The other godsend was the automatic boot opening - I'm always struggling to open my car boot when carrying a load of shopping but all I had to do in the 5008 SUV was wave my foot under the rear of the car (with the key fob in my bag or pocket) and the boot opened  without me having to press a thing - even my husband was wowed by that one and the kids really do think I have magic powers!


Peugeot 5008 SUV flexible interior space

The one thing we always need as a family of five is more space! When our third child came along we had to accept that a normal hatchback or saloon wasn't going to work for us, but like anyone, we like our car to look good as well as be practical and the 5008 SUV certainly ticks all the boxes on that score.

For everyday, we use our car for the nursery/school run, trips to the shops and taking the kids to various after school activities and the 5008 SUV gave us more than enough space for all of this. It has a large storage compartment in the centre console so I could hide my valuables when getting in and out of the car to get the kids into school, and even had compartments in the floor in the back that meant I could keep essentials to hand like baby wipes, rubbish bags and small items like books and toys to keep the kids entertained.

The leg room in the back is great - fine for the kids and when I had to sit in the back for part of a longer journey when my youngest was feeling unwell, I was very comfortable - the three individual seats meant I wasn't pressed up against the side of my daughter's car seat and could adjust the position to accomodate my longer legs. You can add the third row of seats so quickly and easily and remove them whenever you need more space - giving you an even more luggage space.

One weekend we took a much longer journey to the beach/coast and that really did test out how much space we had, but we were easily able to fit in the five of us, plus mutiple bags - picnic basket, cool box, beach gear (towels, sun cream, buckets and spades, frisbees etc) and even three bikes. And we had room to spare!


Peugeot 5008 SUV driving on road

Whenever I've taken a test drive in any kind of large SUV or MPV before, I've always felt like I'm driving a bus. They're generally difficult to steer which takes the enjoyment out of driving for me.

The Peugeot 5008 SUV most definitely changes all of that. It sounds a cliche to say it's a pleasure to drive, but it really is. It feels sturdy and safe but really lightweight and a lot of that is down to the small steering wheel. It honestly felt like I was driving a city car and whereas previously I'd be happy to let my husband drive, in the 5008 I was more than happy to get behind the wheel.

It has a real presence on the road and copes with motorways and smaller roads with ease. There are the usual safety features like ESP and Isofix fittings for child car seats but the key ones for me were those that assisted my driving. I found the blind spot monitoring feature really useful, as it's easy to get distracted for a second when you have three rowdy kids in the car, but the little red light meant I was immediately alerted to anyone in my blind spot.The Lane Departure Warning is similarly effective, pulling the car back in line if you stray from your lane for any reason.

Another great safety feature is the centrally controlled child locks on the doors. Little fingers usually get everywhere but I was in full control of their doors and windows, so I knew they were safe and secure at all times.

The all-new 5008 SUV boasts a 5-star Euro NCAP award - the highest car safety standard granted - and I can certainly see why.


Peugeot 5008 SUV opeing sunroof
Peugeot 5008 SUV dropdown tables

For me, there's a long list of useful features on this car that I'm going to miss after returning the 5008 SUV! For starters, there's an amazing massage function on the driver's seat which is great when you've had a stressful day or you're on a long drive. The phone charging plate too is just brilliant - it charges with no messy cables as I'm driving along - which saves me a job when I get home.

Not essential, but I also love what Peugeot call the ambient lighting - subtle lights that come on at night that highlight the interior roof, door handles and the drinks holder - useful and reassuring, giving that extra bit of visibility within the car.

There's also a number of features that my little passengers loved too - an opening sun roof which was fantastic on a sunny day and let lots of light and fresh air into the car; drop down tray tables (a bit like on a plane) so that the kids could eat or draw in the back seats, and after a day out when the kids wanted to sleep, the window blinds are extremely handy.

All the extra touches make it a really easy car to live with.


Peugeot 5008 SUV rear

We're currently in the market for a new car, and the 5008 SUV will definitely be top of my list. I've always liked the style of Peugeots, but haven't driven one for years and now I'm a complete convert - and so is my husband. He loves the quality interior and all the gadgets and I love that it's practical for the kids and easy to drive.

It really does have everything we need and is super versatile - it's perfect for everyday use and holidays, weekend breaks, trips to sports clubs, days out and more. It also came in very handy when my parents asked us to help transport some new garden furniture they had bought - our current car couldn't have managed the job but the 5008 SUV did so easily.

It's a no hassle car - a big bonus for me - and even has street cred according to my eldest - he thinks it's really cool and didn't want us to give it back.

I'd definitely recommend to other parents or anyone who carries around alot of gear - if you're a regular camper or carry sport gear/equipment around, it's perfect.

Now the only isue I have is what colour to choose!

Emma drove an all-new 5008 SUV Allure with optional extras including reversing camera, opening electric sunroof and parking sensors.