Getting the most out of CarPlay®

Peugeot and CarPlay

Most of us have got our heads round using a smartphone these days, but connecting it to use in your car is complicated, right? Not with the latest CarPlay® technology, it isn't! Take a look at our useful FAQ below to find out everything you need to know.

What is CarPlay®?
Apple CarPlay® is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in your Peugeot, and it promises to keep you connected however much and wherever you travel in your car.

CarPlay® allows you to continue to use your iPhone while driving by mirroring your smartphone screen on any Peugeot models featuring our built-in multi-function colour touchscreen.

What can I do with CarPlay®?
CarPlay® lets you do everything you might expect and more - get directions, make and receive calls, send and receive messages, listen to voicemails and listen to music, while always ensuring you stay focused with your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. 

How does CarPlay® work?
Utilising our Peugeot Mirror Screen® technology, CarPlay® is extremely easy to set up and start using in your Peugeot - simply connect your iPhone and you're ready to go. 

CarPlay® works with your Peugeot's touchscreen - so whatever controls your touchscreen controls CarPlay® too. You'll also notice that your apps have been reimagined for use within your car.

Does CarPlay® use Siri?
Yes. Just like when using your iPhone elsewhere, CarPlay® features Siri voice control, specifically tailored for typical driving questions or scenarios. So whether you want to play a guessing game with your kids or ask what the weather or traffic conditions are like for the journey ahead, Siri can help.

Can CarPlay® play music too?
Of course. Whether you fancy a relaxing classic piece or blaring out some soft rock, CarPlay® lets you listen to your tunes as you drive. You can access all your own music from your iTunes account or your Apple Music membership from your touchscreen. Search by song, artist or album and the touchscreen displays what you're playing and what's coming next. You can even ask Siri to play your favourite  song or act as your own personal DJ.

What iPhones are compatible with CarPlay®?
iPhone models compatible with CarPlay® are the iPhone X; iPhone 8 and 8 Plus; iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; iPhone 6s and 6s Plus; iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; iPhone SE; iPhone 5s; iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5.

What Peugeot models have CarPlay®?
CarPlay® is currently available on all models in the 208 range, the 2008 SUV range, the 308 range, the 3008 SUV range, the 508 Saloon and 508 SW and the 5008  SUV range.

What could be simpler? Grab your iPhone and get connected today for your next journey.