With so many new models to choose from in the Peugeot range, it's sometimes tricky to find the type of car you want.

So we've made things a bit easier by categorising all of our new cars in to a certain range. This way, you'll know straight away whether it's the kind of vehicle you're looking for - whether it be an SUV, a hatchback or a compact, nippy city car. Of course, with all their credentials, some of our car models appear in more than one range - after all, there's no reason why you can't have one of our new cars from our SUV range if you're looking for the perfect family car.

To find out more about each of our ranges and the cars within them, from our new car models to our more established models, simply click on the relevant 'Discover More' button below. Whether you're interested in one of our new cars or you've fallen in love with one of our ore recognised models, you'll find there's a car model for everyone in the Peugeot range.