Peugeot Owners

Peugeot Servicing

Being a Peugeot owner comes with a multitude of benefits, including our range of Peugeot services that ensure your car is kept in peak condition and that experts are on hand to offer the best possible assistance. Through specialist services such as Peugeot Accident Assistance, we aim to give you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to your car.

If you need to book your car service or MOT, be sure to take a look at our Pre-MOT Checklist first. With all the essentials to make sure your car passes first time, Peugeot makes those simple faults clear and easy to anticipate.

At Peugeot, we understand that every Peugeot model needs different care at different points in its life. Booking a Peugeot Scheduled Service gives our experts the opportunity to carry out a car service specifically tailored to your vehicle. 

When it comes to Peugeot repairs, we provide only the best solution. We have original Peugeot Parts to the exact specification of each model, which are the top choice if you’re considering durability and optimum performance. Alternatively, Peugeot Approved Parts are a cost-effective solution. Approved parts use European parts that meet the Peugeot quality standard for your vehicle, recommended for all models 30 months and older.

Peugeot strive to make your journey as smooth as possible. With Peugeot accessories, you can put your own stamp on your car. Styling extras such as spoilers give your car that extra sporting touch and can be fitted by your local Peugeot dealer.

The Peugeot Warranty is our promise to you and covers any defects for up to three years.