Peugeot Motorhomes

Peugeot Motorhomes

Consommation de carburant et émissions de CO2 NEDC

Valeurs NEDC(1) : Consommation de carburant 5,5 en cycle mixte, 4,9 en extra-urbain et 6,5 en urbain NEDC (l/100 km) - Emissions de CO2 (mixte) NEDC : 114 (g/km)
(1) Les valeurs de consommation de carburant et d'émissions de CO2 sont déterminées sur la base d'une nouvelle règlementation WLTP (Règlement UE 2017/948) et les valeurs obtenues ont été converties en NEDC pour permettre la comparabilité avec les autres véhicules. Veillez à vous rapprocher de votre point de vente pour de plus amples informations. Les valeurs ne tiennent pas compte notamment des conditions d'usage, du style de conduite, des équipements ou des options et peuvent varier en fonction du type de pneumatiques. Pour de plus amples renseignements sur les consommations de carburant et les émissions de CO2, veuillez consulter le guide pratique intitulé « Consommations conventionnelles de carburant et émissions de CO₂ des véhicules particuliers neufs » disponible gratuitement dans tous les points de vente ou auprès de l’ADEME - Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie (Éditions, 2 square Lafayette, BP 406, F-49004 Angers Cedex 01) ou sur

Détails du financement

Un crédit vous engage et doit être remboursé.
Vérifiez vos capacités de remboursement avant de vous engager.

Montants exprimés TTC


23 772,40 €

Premier loyer 4199,87 €

Dont loyer financier

4199,87 €

Pack entretien (2)


36 loyers suivants 248,42 €

Dont loyer financier

248,42 €

Pack entretien (2)



37 mois

Kilométrage annuel

10 000 km

Option d'achat

14 263,44 €

Montant total dû en cas d'acquisition 27 406,43 €

Montants exprimés TTC


23 772,40 €

Premier loyer 4199,87 €

Dont loyer financier

4199,87 €

Pack entretien (2)


36 loyers suivants 254,36 €

Dont loyer financier

254,36 €

Pack entretien (2)



37 mois

Kilométrage annuel

15 000 km

Option d'achat

14 025,72 €

Montant total du en cas d'acquisition 27 382,55 €

Montants exprimés TTC


23 772,40 €

Premier loyer 4199,87 €

Dont loyer financier

4199,87 €

Pack entretien (2)


36 loyers suivants 260,31 €

Dont loyer financier

260,31 €

Pack entretien (2)



37 mois

Kilométrage annuel

20 000 km

Option d'achat

13 787,99 €

Montant total du en cas d'acquisition 27 359,02 €

Offre de location avec option d’achat, sur 37 mois, sans assurance facultative, avec un premier loyer obligatoire d’un montant de 4 199,87 €, proposée par PSA Finance France. Offre valable pour toute commande d’un SUV PEUGEOT 2008 GT Line PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 Black Pack + dans les Pages SUV PEUGEOT 2008 Black Pack + sur le site internet, réservée aux particuliers majeurs résidant en France métropolitaine, sous réserve d’acceptation du dossier par CREDIPAR, SA au capital de 138 517 008 €, RCS Nanterre 317 425 981, 9 rue Henri Barbusse 92230 Gennevilliers, n° ORIAS 07004921 ( PSA Finance France est une dénomination commerciale de CREDIPAR. Vous disposez du délai légal de rétractation.

(1) Le montant du prix et des loyers n'inclut pas le coût du certificat d'immatriculation qui reste à la charge du locataire.

(2) Prestation Peugeot Pack Entretien offerte pour 37 mois et/ou 30 000 km, au premier des 2 termes durée/kilométrage atteint, selon conditions générales disponibles sur internet.

For travel lovers, Peugeot offers a solid base that with the help of our partners will soon be transformed into efficient recreational vehicles that fit everyone’s budget.

Peugeot Boxer: a perfect base

Peugeot Boxer Chassis

Modularity that enables you to imagine and build the motorhome of your dreams.

Peugeot is associated with numerous specialized coachbuilders in the UK & Europe who convert our vehicles into fantastic motorhomes with the help of our solid panel vans, back to back or chassis cabs foundations.

The Peugeot Boxer is an ideal platform for converting into an exciting range of recreational vehicles. Our approved converters’ dealerships across the UK & Europe are waiting to help you find the perfect motorhome that meets all your requirements.

Peugeot Boxer is available in several lengths and heights. The option of a wider back axle of 1.98m on the Boxer chassis enables you to enjoy a wider space and more flexibility for the interior of the conversion.

Flexible & comfortable

A world of possibilities.

Peugeot Boxer Dashboard


Peugeot Boxer’s dashboard is equipped with the latest technology, including a 5 inch touch screen, Bluetooth® connection and USB port as well as DAB radio that will keep you entertained on those long journeys with its diversity of choices.

Peugeot Boxer's standard seat for motorhomes


Boxer comes equipped with the X250 driver seat to maximize the comfort and provide a relaxing experience for each driver.

Peugeot Boxer Reversing Camera


An extra pair or eyes providing an even safer and precise manoeuvre by following the system’s guides on your touchscreen, helping you reverse the vehicle with ease. The screen alerts you when you put the vehicle into reverse mode by lightening up automatically. 

*Available as an option

Peugeot Boxer Driving Aids

Driving aids

Help that really counts.

  • Programmable cruise control/speed limiter function that maintains or limit vehicle’s speed, providing a more relaxed driving.
  • Hill descent control, an option that allows the driver maintain a constant speed below 18mph without touching the accelerator or brake, keeping the vehicle under control on muddy or sandy terrains with a gradient of at least 8%.
  • Load Adaptive Control function that adapts ESP to the level and distribution of the vehicle load. It helps keeping the vehicle on course in critical situations.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring function which allows the driver to identify a puncture or loss of pressure through a sensor attached to each individual wheel.
  • Lane Departure Warning System* function ensures you stay aware at all times. This system reads the road using a camera positioned above the interior rear view mirror and sends alerts when identifieing dangerous situations.

*available as a cost option.

Peugeot Boxer Safety Features


Counting experiences.

The braking system in the Peugeot Boxer van has been completely redesigned, resized and reinforced to improve both driving comfort and efficiency. Equipped with four disc brakes as standard, the braking system on the Boxer van is durable and efficient. 

To protect vehicle occupants in the event of impact, the Peugeot Boxer van is equipped with several airbags: one driver and one front passenger standard airbag, two side airbags and two curtain airbags as optional at extra cost.

Peugeot Boxer also benefits of a structural reinforcement, meant to absorb the energy released on an impact, with limited upward movement of the pedal assembly and steering column for an enhanced driver’s protection.


Delivering powerful moments.

Peugeot BlueHDi Engine


Peugeot Boxer is equipped with a 6 speed manual 2.2L BlueHDi engine with several options of power output (120bhp, 140bhp and 165bhp).

All Peugeot BlueHDi engines are compliant with euro 6 standards, delivering the cleanest diesel engine possible, extraordinary fuel economy and environment efficiency.

Peugeot Stop&Start System


Stop & Start system helps further reducing fuel consumption and emissions by automatically shutting down the internal combustion every time the car is idling, for example when waiting at a red light or a road junction. Restarting is performed instantly and smoothly in the moment the clutch is pressed.

With this technology you can benefit of greater fuel consumption economy while contributing to a safer environment by efficiently cutting down the CO2 emissions.

Peugeot Boxer Particulate Filter


All Peugeot diesel engine vehicles are fitted with Diesel Particulate Filter (FAP) that meet European emissions legislation requirements helping protect the environment by trapping pollutants of diesel combustion and eliminating 99.9% of particulates.

Peugeot diesel engines are the most market efficient in power, performance, fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

Peugeot Motorhome Assistance

In the unlikely event that your Peugeot Motorhome Requires Roadside Assistance, we can help you with:

  • Towing
  • Courtesy Car
  • Travel Expenses
  • Repatriation of the unrepaired Motorhome

Peugeot can offer additional assistance if you are more than 60 miles from home:

  • Return home or onward journey
  • Hotel Expenses
  • Repaired Motorhome Pick-Up
  • Cash advance
Motorhome Assistance

Peugeot Motorhomes Partners

Partnerships that bring ideas to reality.

Peugeot Boxer is available as single or crew chassis cab and double-headed versions, delivering elegance and quality through its functional, comfortable interior.

Peugeot is associated with numerous leading coachbuilders in the UK & Europe that transform our vehicles into efficient and elegant motorhomes that will enable travel lovers to see the world while benefiting of the extraordinary comfort that this solution is bringing through space mobility. Motorhomes are also a great factor in reducing cost spending towards travel and accommodation.

Below you can have a brief look at a selection of our transformed vehicles with the help of our UK associates, as well as complete list of our partners across UK & Europe.

Peugeot Motorhomes - Auto-sleepers


Motorhomes of excellence.

Offering a range of low and highline profile models with options of short, medium or long wheelbase chassis, Peugeot Motorhomes from Auto-Sleepers grew to become a popular choice amongst travel enthusiasts.

Auto-Sleepers feature a range of Peugeot Motorhomes including 2 and 4 berth models, with quality seating fabric options as well as a choice of roof selections.

All Peugeot Motorhomes from Auto-Sleepers are customizable, offering services anyone can tailor to suit specific requirements and desires.

Below is a brief showcase of Auto-Sleepers Peugeot Motorhome product range. To discover more, follow the link below and visit their website.

Corinium Range - Video Presentation

Peugeot Motorhomes - Bailey Autograph

Bailey of Bristol

Motorhomes to make memories.

Bailey is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles across the UK using Peugeot models to build highly comfortable coach-built motorhomes based on AL-KO chassis option.

For an enhanced journey performace with easy handling, Bailey’s motorhome cabs feature Peugeot Boxer chassis powered by a 2.0L BlueHDi 130bhp or 160bhp engine.

Bailey is taking pride in building not only comfortable motorhomes, but pushing its designs to satisfy its customers with their product practicality, safety and aesthetics.

Bailey motorhomes range comprises of luxury features as standard, creating ingenious interiors without compromising the quality of comfort.

Below is a brief showcase of Bailey Peugeot Motorhome product range. To discover more, follow the link below and visit their website.

Model: Autograph 79-7 - Video Presentation

Peugeot Motorhomes - Elddis


Multi-award winning motorhomes

Providing ultra modern motorhome solutions at unmatched value-for-money, Elddis Peugeot Motorhome range has won multiple awards and continues being recognised as a market leader in this sector.

Elddis design and build stylish and comfortable motorhomes with careful precision, using our standard Peugeot Boxer chassis for unrivalled driving experiences.     

Elddis range offers 2-berth to 6-berth motorhomes, built on our sporty and streamlines low-line chassis and benefiting from the Peugeot 2.0L 130 bhp BlueHDi Turbo Diesel engines.

With enhanced practicability, Elddis motorhomes’ compact designs please those who appreciate generous living space at affordable costs.  

Below is a brief showcase of Elddis Peugeot Motorhome product range. To discover more, follow the link below and visit their website.

Model: Autoquest 196 - 360° Interior View





Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes