Peugeot have always strived to produce cars with technology that is simple to use, and useful for everyone.
Take a look below at some of our latest Peugeot Motability technology - available on selected models across our Motability range.



Our Motability range is bursting with technology. From DAB Digital radio to lifestyle technologies such as MirrorLink® or Apple CarPlay™, our multifunction capacitive colour touchscreen provides access and finger-tip control of all of your car's audio, communications and navigation equipment.


peugeot 3008 suv satellite navigation

Our latest Connected 3D Satellite Navigation* system, which includes voice control and TomTom Live®,  is available on the 208, 2008 SUV, 308, 308 SW, 3008 SUV, all-new 5008 SUV all-new Rifter and Traveller, either as an added extra or as standard, depending on the version.

The system includes postcode lookup, a point of interest function, and traffic updates to keep you prepared for the road ahead. Several route planning options are also available, including 'Eco Route' planning to guide you the most fuel efficient way.

Complete with mapping of 44 European countries, we've got you covered if you’re planning on travelling that bit further. To give you the best view of the road ahead, a 2.5D 'birds eye view', and 'junction view' giving optimum guidance through junctions, both feature.

*Additional terms & conditions apply to connected services, including customer acceptance of location sharing prior to activation.


Heading *

Peugeot Mirror Screen® technology allows compatible smartphones to communicate with the car, displaying apps on the 7" touchscreen and managing them using the vehicle controls.

Peugeot Mirror Screen® uses the latest Carplay® and MirrorLink® technology to bring smartphone connectivity to your car. The technology is designed to allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road, and hands on the wheel.

Check out our Peugeot Technology page to see what systems are compatible with Peugeot Mirror Screen®.

Normal USB and Bluetooth® functionality are still supported for most other smartphones, accessed from the 7" touchscreen.



Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology provides a number of customer benefits, including the consumption of considerably less energy, improved visibility at night, longer lasting life, and aesthetically pleasing design.

LED headlights are available across the Peugeot range, according to version selected.



You'll never look back with Peugeot reversing camera technology. Using a colour camera mounted at the rear, tight spots can be navigated with ease. When put in reverse, the camera automatically engages and links to the touch screen to view the area behind the car, making reversing safe and easy.

The colour reversing camera is available as standard on 108 Allure & Collection,  208 Tech Edition, 2008 SUV Allure Premium & GT Line, 308 (hatch & SW models) GT Line, Tech Edition & GT, 3008 SUV Allure,  GT Line, GT Line Premium & GT, all-new 5008 SUV Allure, GT Line, GT Line Premium & GT, and Traveller Allure.



Hill starts are now a breeze. Thanks to our Hill Assist feature, it is now much easier for you to move off when on an incline. When the car is on a slope, it keeps the brakes on for about two seconds after you take your foot off, assisting you for long enough to pull away without stalling.



As it is essential to keep focussed on the road ahead at all times, our innovative Head-Up Display, available on the Traveller, projects all necessary driver information at eye level. This includes vehicle speed and speed limiter.

new 2008 suv parking sensors


Front and rear parking sensors let you know when you're getting too close to another car or object when parking your car. With a red/amber/green warning system, the sensors help you judge exactly how close you are, making for much safer parking.

308 automatic handbrake


Our automatic handbrake is available as standard on 3008 SUV and all-new 5008 SUV Motability models, as well as on selected 308, 308 SW and all-new Rifter Motability models. When you come to a stop and put the car into neutral, your handbrake automatically deploys. When you pull off from a stop position, it will also automatically release. If you prefer, it can also be operated manually.

308 dynamic cruise control


Adaptive Cruise Control is 'intelligent' cruise control that can use engine braking to maintain a set distance between your car and the car in front. It's available as an option on the 3008 SUV and all-new 5008 SUV THP 165 and BHDi120 when fitted with the EAT6 gearbox. Adaptive cruise control has the ability to sense when you’re approaching another car and slow down for safety, then speed back up when you’ve passed it.