Peugeot e-Legend Concept Car - Interior

Our sole objective: to make you feel as comfortable in your car, as you would in your own home, through a combination of high-tech components and refined materials.


Spread throughout the passenger compartment, there are two main digital material themes (or digital interpretations of real materials): networks of black and bronze lines, or a series of cabinetry wood-look “panels”. These themes are projected on 16 screens of different sizes, including a 49-inch curved screen under the soundbar facing the car's occupants, 29-inch screens in the doors and a 12-inch screen in each sunshade. The digital surfaces are carefully designed to integrate seamlessly and melt into the background of the passenger compartment. The centre console provides access to the main driving controls via a rotary selector and a 6-inch touchscreen. To the left of the steering wheel, a digital toggle switch offers context menu controls that can be configured according to the driving mode.


The design of the H-shaped seats and the vertical seat cushions are inspired by the Peugeot 504 Coupé: weight savings thanks to the most compact sizing possible, “comfort fit” combining comfort and stimulating support (like a made-to-measure suit) thanks to the use of memory foam. The headrests are transversal, adjustable and can be folded away fully into the seat.

The Responsive i-COCKPIT® capitalises on the i-COCKPIT® characteristics from other Peugeot models. It consists of a headset with 3-dial head-up display and an ultra-compact steering wheel.


To complete the immersion and personalisation of its interior, a fragrance diffuser scents the vehicle.
EX-NIHILO® has created two perfumes specific to Peugeot e-LEGEND CONCEPT.