Peugeot AlloyGator

Peugeot wheel protectors - 5008 SUV



We’re delighted to announce our brand new partnership with AlloyGator™ wheel rim protectors, the smart, stylish way to protect your wheels from kerb damage.

Manufactured in the UK and developed from award-winning technology, they’re the perfect protection for any type of alloys – on any type of car.

Renowned for their impeccable safety standards and the quality assurance they offer drivers, the  AlloyGator™ wheel protection system was carefully developed in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers.

Peugeot wheel protectors

So how do AlloyGators™ work?

AlloyGators™ are cleverly designed to fit snugly between your alloys and tyres. Their smooth, rounded edge and matt finish will complement the appearance of any wheel. While specially designed locking teeth with stainless-steel clips ensure a secure, long-lasting fit to your vehicle.


Sounds great, where can I get them?

 As they’re now an official PEUGEOT partner, you can now get a set of four AlloyGators™ fitted at participating retail stores, for just £149 including VAT. They are available for wheels ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches diameter and are in a variety of colours, from matt black, graphite and silver, to sky blue and orange.

Terms & Conditions apply. Available at participating retailers only.

PEUGEOT Motor Company PLC reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw sales allowances and/ or amend pricing at any point in time in anticipation of any tariffs, duties taxes or other costs that PEUGEOT Motor Company PLC believes may increase its cost of importation and/or supply of vehicles after the 31st December 2020.