Unboring the Future


We’re Unboring the Future.

Here at PEUGEOT we’re Unboring the Future. But what does that actually mean? Well... the answer starts by understanding how the world is changing.

The automotive industry is on the verge of a revolution where technology is king and mobility is being redefined. But as smart vehicles adopt automation, there’s a real risk that driving excitement will be reduced - or even become extinct.

So, if the future is all about getting from A to B efficiently, we could end up trading enjoyable driving for a robotic, sterile approach.

However this is not going to happen to PEUGEOT!

Unboring the Future is our response to the risk of dull driving. It’s a statement of intent and a promise that after more than 200 years heritage, we’re still fully committed to maintaining exhilaration and pleasure on the road on each and every journey you take in a PEUGEOT.



Yes, we’re focused on challenging perceptions – but also with the commitment to maintain stimulation and enjoyment - alongside continued technological innovation.

For PEUGEOT, the future is far from boring - and that’s because we’re making it exciting, as we’ve always done... because it’s in our DNA.


Rest assured that we’ll always stay 100% true to our brand values and maintain our commitment to providing Uncompromising Quality, Sharp Design and an Instinctive Driving Experience: the very essence of every model that we produce.

Take a look at our latest model range where you’ll discover that Unboring the Future has only just begun.

Unboring the Future Through Comedy

Comedy is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate how we, at PEUGEOT, are fully commited to transforming the everyday boring through the introduction of twelve new model launches in 2020.

As part of our Unboring the Future philosophy we’ve partnered with Sky on an all-new comedy channel. Sky Comedy will be the new home of US comedy shows for Sky’s 12 million UK customers and is the first dedicated full-time comedy station for the network since 1992.

A key part of the partnership is to bring laughter and fun to our everyday activities, including driving. So Sky Comedy is the perfect platform to showcase our latest models as well as providing tips on how to Unbore the Future! Take a look on the channel and keep watching for that PEUGEOT content. Here’s just a taster of Unboring the Future through comedy.