308 SW

Be seduced by the image and dynamic style of our award-winning Peugeot 308 SW, then fall in love with the details:
efficient engines, intuitive technology and the unique PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®.



308 SW exterior style


308 SW interior dashboard driving experience


308 SW quality interior seats


The 308 SW is both stylish and spacious, making it the perfect family car. With a stunning cielo roof, its distinctive bonnet and large wheel arches give it a sporty appearance, and it comes with full LED headlights and rear lights to improve visibility and reduce energy consumption.

The minimal interior feels modern and sleek, and with bags of room for all the family and anything else you need to take with you, the 308 estate SW is truly a car of both style and substance.


308 SW Driving Experience

The 308 SW is packed full of technology to give you the ultimate driving experience. Electric power steering and a reversing camera, as well as clever features like modular seating and a fully integrated touchscreen within the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, means everything is based around the central console, which puts all the controls within easy reach of the driver.



The 308 SW has undergone vigorous and extensive testing to ensure its quality is second to none. Using new manufacturing processes and only the best materials gives the 308 estate a pure style throughout. It is sound-proofed for an undisturbed ride, while a range of high quality seating trims mean that the interior is both beautiful and durable, making it perfect for family life.


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In order to provide better information to its customers, the PSA Group has made independent and certified calculations of real-world fuel consumption available.

*This estimate is provided as a guide and for information purposes only and may vary depending on the actual usage conditions. The estimate is entirely separate from the official EU fuel consumption figures. It therefore has no general applicability. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the estimate, for any purpose. The test protocol is available on the PSA Group’s website: www.groupe-psa.com.



Model Country Reward Awarded by
308 Australia Good Design award (2015) Jury composed of automotive journalists
Belgium 'Lease Car of the Year' (2014) Alphabet leasing company
Korea Energy Tech Winner for the 1.6L BlueHDi 120 - 119g/km engine (2015) Consumers Korea
Croatia HR Auto 2014 Jury composed of automotive journalists
Cro Auto 2014 Jutarnji list (2nd national newspaper)  and Auto klub (automotive weekly newspaper)
Spain Car of the Year 2014 La Vanguardia (one of the leading media in Catalonia) and media from Editorial Prensa Iberica
France Award in the 'Compact and Family' category (2013) Trophées de l’Argus 20th edition
Nicest Interior award (2014) International Automobile Festival
Best Car award for 'Best Compact' (2014) L'Automobile Magazine
Company Car of the Year 2014 Jury composed of 14 journalists and fleet managers
Most Popular Compact car in France (2015) L'Automobile Magazine
Best Thermal Compact car (2015) Members of the 'Prix Auto Environnement MAAF' jury
Best Car award for 'Best Compact' (2017) L'Automobile Magazine
Ireland Continental Irish Compact car of the Year 2015 Automotive journalists association
Israel Car of the Year 2015 Auto Magazine and MAKO website
Family Car of the year 2015 Auto Magazine and MAKO website
Italia Auto Europe award 2015 Jury composed of members of the Automotive Journalists Italian Union. They rewarded the innovation, the elegance and the functionnality of the new Peugeot 308.
Malaysia Best Family Car (2015) NST-Maybank Car of the Year
Marroco Car of the Year 2015 Jury composed of automotive journalists
New-Zealand Car of the Year (2014) NZ Autocar magazine AMI insurance company.
Slovakia Car of the Year 2014 Members of the juy composed of 16 journalists of the most influential Slovakian media
Switzerland Swiss car of the Year 2014 Schweizer Illustrierte
Turkey Hatchback 2014 Magazine TopGear
308 & 308 SW EUROPE Car of the year 2014 COTY (Car of the Year) jury members
France Most Popular Compact car in France (2016) L'Automobile Magazine
308 GTi France Reference Sports Car 2016 La Revue Automobile
Readers and Editorial Board's 'favorite' trophy (2016) L'Automobile Magazine
308 SW Germany Red Dot award in the 'Product Design' category (2014) Jury composed of automotive journalists
Belgium VAB Family Car 2015 Flemish mobility club VAB
France Reference Break 2015 Revue Automobile Magazine
Taxi of the Year 2014-2015 "L’Officiel du Taxi" Magazine
Japan Imported Car of the Year 2015-2016 Japan Automotive Hall of Fame
Norway Company Car of the Year (Årets Firmabil) 2016 Dagens Næringsliv
Slovakia Best Design award (2014) Jury composed of automotive journalists