Peugeot Tax Free Sales

peugeot tax free sales

Military, Diplomatic & Defence Discount Service

If you qualify for a tax-free vehicle, we're pleased to offer tax-free sales across the entire Peugeot range.

Tax free sales are available to qualifying groups including:

  • UK Diplomatic Staff stationed overseas
  • British Military personnel based overseas.
  • Visiting Diplomatic staff of overseas Nations
  • Visiting Armed Forces stationed in the UK
  • NGO Personnel of all Nations serving in the UK and overseas
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Further Information

If you are a member of UK Forces stationed in Germany or other foreign locations, you can be eligible for special savings through the Peugeot Military Sales Programme, offering attractive purchasing terms, plus VAT savings.

Peugeot Military Sales Programme is also applicable to Defence Discount Scheme card holders, (DDS). Please click the following link, or visit your local Peugeot dealer for more details. 

If you're looking for our Export Service, please visit our Peugeot Export page.


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For further information on the Peugeot Military Sales Programme, please contact:

Griffin Tax-Free
Griffin House
Westergate Road
Freepost: SEA14422

Tel: 0044 (0)1273 574000
Freephone (in Germany only): 0800 1800 560