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Campaigns | 16 12 2013
Peugeot Launches New 'Design & Driving' Brand Marketing Campaign

Peugeot’s new international brand advertising campaign arrives on Britain’s TV screens tonight, focusing on its twin strengths of exceptional design quality and outstanding driving dynamics.


The minute-long film features many of Peugeot’s latest new models, including the 2008 Crossover, New 308 family hatchback, Onyx concept and record-breaking Pikes Peak challenge rally car.

"This has been a game-changing year for Peugeot, with the arrival of so many exciting and innovative new models," explained Chris Cheetham, Peugeot’s Head of Brand Advertising and Retail Communications.

"This new campaign is about communicating that to the British motoring public, letting them know Peugeot is about great design and a fantastic driving experience – qualities which will continue with more highly desirable new cars in 2014."

Called ‘Design & Driving’, the film poses the question which guides the styling and engineering teams of Peugeot every day – what is the purpose of car design? Answers come in the form of the ‘motion and emotion’ characteristics for which Peugeot has become famous.

The advert will be seen on terrestrial TV between now and Christmas Day, and is also being shown at selected cinemas. It is directed by award-winning film maker John Dolan and produced by acclaimed advertising company Partizan. The film forms part of a cross-media advertising campaign created by Peugeot’s lead global marketing agency, Paris-based BETC.

UK successes for Peugeot in 2013 include a huge increase in demand for B-segment products. Sales in the supermini sector at the end of November stood at more than 49,000 units, compared with 34,000 last year (207 and 208 models combined). Registrations of the 2008 Crossover are more than 3,000 to date – significantly higher than the 2,000 which were expected, so 50% above objective.

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