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Other | 12 06 2012
Peugeot Design Lab offers expertise for external clients

Peugeot has launched a new cutting-edge design studio to help external clients design their products. The Peugeot Design Lab will draw on the wealth of experience and skills fostered in staff at Peugeot’s Design Centres, alongside the company’s state of the art design software.

peugeot design lab

The Lab will be available via Peugeot facilities in three continents, with labs in Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paolo. The Lab is essentially a global brand design studio – allowing users to develop robust brand strategies. Software allows designers to create incredible 3D visualisations of products from bicycles to jets, luxury yachts to watches.

Peugeot appreciates that modern car design is complex, but also more aesthetically-rewarding than ever before. It started to develop an external design lab in 2010 – an ambition which quickly became reality when enquiries began pouring in.

Realising that its concept car design expertise could be utilised by external clients in other sectors, Peugeot quickly developed a package to allow non-Peugeot companies to benefit from its Design Centres.

Gilles Vidal, Director of Style at Peugeot, explained: 'The challenge for automobile designers is ambitious: to anticipate ever-higher expectations for quality, safety and content, while preparing to make a step forward in design with a style that is innovative, attractive and different.'

The Design Lab is able to assist with brand imaging, brand creation, graphical identity, 2D and 3D development and conception, and brand communication.

Peugeot Design Lab’s launch portfolio includes stunning, detailed 3D renders of a concept yacht, concept powerboat, concept business jet and a sports watch. Included in the portfolio are designs for the DL121 and DL122 bicycles – which have been transformed from drawing board to reality and are now on sale in Europe.

For more information on the Peugeot Design Lab, visit our French site:

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