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Other | 11 09 2012
Gold-winning equestrian Nick Skelton now rides a Peugeot

He made his name on the show jumping field, but Olympic gold-winning equestrian Nick Skelton has now chosen a Boxer to help get his horses from A to B. The record-setting horse rider recently collected a new Peugeot Boxer Equi-Trek Sonic horsebox.

nick skelton and boxer equi-trek

Nick won the Team Gold in the London 2012 riding events, and has previously won gold at seven European Championship events, as well as breaking the record for the equestrian high jump – which he has held since 1978. He narrowly missed out on an individual Olympic medal in London, after downing a single fence in the final round.

The Equi-Trek Sonic is a specially-modified Peugeot Boxer van, designed to offer optimum comfort for both horse and occupant. Easy to drive and compact in stature, the horsebox is driven by a 2.2-litre diesel engine with a power of 130bhp.

As it is weighs just 3,500kg, the Equi-Trek Sonic delivers excellent economy without compromising on performance, and can be driven by anybody with a full standard car licence. Additionally, the Sonic boasts two saddle racks, equipment hooks and two bridle racks, as well as a separate changing room. With extra storage above the cab, the horsebox is ideal for those that take part in competition events – as well as for general training purposes.

The horsebox benefits from the manufacturing prowess of two sector-leading brands. Equi-Trek is a family-run company with years of experience in equestrian transport, whilst Peugeot is part of Europe’s second-biggest car manufacturing group, PSA Peugeot Citroën – which produces vans, MPVs, city cars, electric vehicles and more. The car brand’s commitment to quality ensures that the Peugeot Boxer Equi-Trek Sonic only needs to be taken for servicing every two years, or 24,000 miles.

Nick is not the first equestrian luminary to choose an Equi-Trek horsebox – other prestigious owners include Michael Whitaker, John Whitaker, Robert Smith and Peter Charles. Eventers Nicola Wilson, Oliver Townend and William Fox-Pitt have also opted for Equi-Trek products.

For more information about the Peugeot Boxer, visit our Business and Vans website.


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