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It's all very well us telling you how fantastic our New RCZ R is, but we're ever-so slightly biased! We know it's what others say that can really help you make up your mind and give you confidence in our cars.

From the drive and handling to the luxury interior and top-nothc performance, the New RCZ R has been closely examined by the automotive experts - and these guys really do know what they're talking about.

Take a look below at what some of the recent motoring press coverage had to say on the New RCZ R...

auto express

What they said:
"Sharp handling and serious performance make the Peugeot RCZ R feel like a rabid hot hatch. The high level of tuning gives the RCZ R an almost rally-car like character on the road. There is a whoosh from the turbo on lift off, and once the revs climb above 3,500rpm it races towards the red line, keeping you busy snatching for the next gear in the short-throw six-speed gearbox."

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piston heads

What they said:
"The car was more than worthy of its stunning launch venue, being a rewarding and exciting companion for some brilliant roads. You want, you need, precision, responsiveness and control. Fortunately, the R delivers on every front. The myriad of suspension changes, from specific geometry to stiffer dampers, lower ride height to wider tracks, make the R really composed and enjoyable."

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msn cars

What they said:
"The RCZ R isn’t just the most powerful Peugeot ever, it’s also one of the greatest. From the taut styling to the taut, engaging chassis and that wonderfully unlikely engine, it gives every impression of being a car that would become a superb long-term companion. Even the running costs are sensible. As Peugeot Sport’s first overt attempt at a road car, it is very much 'mission accomplished'. One of the surprises of the year."

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What they said:
By far the most impressive aspect is the handling. Using front-wheel drive and few of the electronic gizmos which endear cars such as the Ford Fiesta ST to keen drivers, you’d be forgiven for expecting lots of wheel-spin and not a huge amount of fun. Peugeot Sport has worked hard to make sure the car handles very well, though."

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