Hybrid Cars range

peugeot hybrid car range

Low emission cars delivering the best of both worlds

Who says being good to the environment has to mean reduced performance? Our range of hybrid cars provides you with both high performance and eco-friendly driving through our HYbrid4 technology. These environmentally-friendly hybrid cars are powered by both a diesel engine and an electric motor to deliver high fuel efficiency and low emissions. These features also make many of them low tax cars.


Peugeot leads the way with its hybrid cars. Carrying the HYbrid qualities we introduced in the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 (the world’s first full diesel hybrid car - now out of production), Peugeot customers can now choose the HYbrid4 version of the 508 RXH, or the 508 Saloon with HYbrid4 engine - the latest green cars in our range.


On each of our hybrid cars you’ll find a dial on the central console to switch between four hybrid car driving modes - Auto, ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle), 4WD, and Sport.


These environmentally friendly hybrid cars use our innovative e-HDi Stop & Start systems, allowing you to get more miles for your fuel money. And better still, because of their low CO2 emissions, our hybrid cars benefit from the lower ‘benefit in kind’ (BIK) taxation, if you’re using a Peugeot eco car as a company vehicle.


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peugeot 508 rxh

508 RXH

The latest of our diesel or hybrid all-road economical cars.

  • Choice of Full HYbrid4 Technology - diesel and electric
  • Choice of four driving modes (Auto, ZEV, Sport, 4WD)
  • Up to 200 bhp
  • All-route exterior styling
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peugeot 508 saloon with hybrid4


A comfortable, eco-friendly saloon

  • Choice of HYbrid4 Technology - diesel and electric
  • Choice of four driving modes (Auto, ZEV, Sport, 4WD)
  • Spacious, luxury interior
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