General Information

How do I find a Peugeot Dealer?

To find your nearest Peugeot dealer, simply click the icon next to the FIND A DEALER text in the header bar at the top of any page on our website and enter the name of your City or your postcode into the box that appears. Our dealer locator will then show you the locations and details of your nearest dealers - including address, opening hours and facilities - and will even provide you with directions if you need them. If you want to search for a specific type of dealer (for example Servicing or Bodyshop dealers), please click on the 'Narrow Search Results' dropdown and select the dealer facilities you are looking for when you search.

Alternatively, visit our Find your local dealer page to find a dealer by location or dealer name. Or, for dealers in Northern Ireland, visit our NI offers and dealers page.

What information is available to Fleet Customers?

We have a dedicated Peugeot Business website with everything you need to know about Peugeot Fleet Cars and vans, including range, pricing, ordering and Benefit in Kind.


How do I contact Customer Services?

You can contact our Customer Care team by email, phone, post or even by our dedicated Customer Care page on Twitter - visit our Contact us page for full details. You can also participate in an online 'Live Chat' with our Customer Care team on selected areas of the site.


What do I do if I'm unhappy with how my query has been resolved?

From time to time there may be instances when you, our customer, are not satisfied with either the product or service that we have provided. In this instance we would always like you to talk to us directly so that we can try to rectify this, as Peugeot both complies with and subscribes to the Motor Industry Code of Practice.

Whilst we are clearly committed to a high quality of customer service there may be times when we are not able to resolve a dispute. In this unlikely event we would refer you to an ADR provider, either Motor Codes Ltd or the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), depending on the nature of the dispute.

Visit our Motor Industry Code of Practice page to find out more about ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Where can I get Peugeot merchandise?

Your local Peugeot dealer sells a small range of Peugeot merchandise such as branded keyrings and car mats. Or you can order from a more extensive range online from our new Peugeot Webshop.


Where can I find information on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption?

Information on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption (mpg) can be easily found displayed in the top right hand corner of each of our model showrooms. Further info can also be found in all our Prices and Technical Specifications brochures, which can be found on our model prices and specs page. You can also get more information on our complete range of low emission cars on our Environment website.

Does Peugeot offer a vehicle rental service?

We offer two! Mu by Peugeot is our new hire service designed to give you more choice and flexibility, allowing you to rent any Peugeot vehicle (including bikes, scooters, convertibles and even vans) and Peugeot Rental is our standard car rental service, ideal for corporate use.

Where can I get information on 'Benefit in Kind' (BIK)?

By checking out our new BIK Guide on our Peugeot Business website.

Where can I get information on Vehicle Excise Duty?

The current rates of Vehicle Excise Duty (otherwise known as car tax) can be found in section 3 of our Legal Info page, accessible from the website footer bar. This information can also be found in any of our Price & Specifications brochures.

Vehicle Information

Where can I find out more about the Peugeot range?

Our website gives you all the information you need to choose your new Peugeot with confidence. Our grey sub-navigation bar at the top of each page allows you to view all our models by model name, and our Model Range page allows you to see the entire Peugeot range. You can find out all the details you need to know by choosing from the option buttons shown beneath each model in both of these areas.

'Discover more' takes you to ther model showroom to give you indepth info on the key features, plus photo and video galleries to see the car from every angle.

'Configure' allows you to build your perfect Peugeot from all the versions and options available, and shows you the total price for you to print out and take to your local dealer.

'Enquire or Drive' takes you to our new online sales enquiry and test drive request system, which allows you to choose a model and dealer and then either make an enquiry, request a test drive, request a call back or call your dealer directly.

'Order/download brochure' takes you to our main Brochures page where you can select your model and then choose a brochure, price and technical specifications brochure or accessories brochure, either to download, or to be delivered to you through the post.

You can also print out price and spec guides for all models from our model prices and specs page.

If you want to see our latest models, you can visit our New Cars 2015 page.

Where can I get a brochure for the Peugeot model(s) I'm interested in?

Range brochures for every model are available to download directly or can be ordered to be delivered to your door from our Brochures page.

How do I arrange a test drive?

You can arrange a test drive by either contacting your local Peugeot dealer directly, or you can book a test drive online using our online enquire or drive system.

Where can I find vehicle prices on your website?

We include a 'from' price in the top right-hand corner of each of our model showrooms to give you an idea of the starting price for each model. For more detailed pricing information, visit our model prices and specs page, or alternatively you can use our configurator or you can download our 'Price and Technical Specifications' brochures from our Brochures page.

Where can I find the technical specifications for Peugeot vehicles?

Pricing and Technical Specifications brochures for every model are available to download from every model showroom, from our model prices and specs page or can be downloaded from our Brochures page. You can also build a car to your own specification in our Configure your Peugeot section.

I want to order a new Peugeot - how long will it take to be delivered?

Our vehicle lead times can vary depending on the vehicle and model ordered and the stage of the production cycle at the time you place your order.  Contact your local Peugeot dealer who will be able to give you the most up-to-date delivery times according to the specific model you're interested in.

How do I order a new Peugeot?

Simply visit your local Peugeot dealer who will guide you through the whole process of choosing your perfect car, including all options and extras as required. Your dealer will place your order and keep in touch with you to let you know when your new car is ready.

Do you make electric or hybrid cars?

Yes, our current range offers one 100% electric car - the iOn, one 100% electric van - the Partner Electric, and two diesel-electric hybrid cars - the 508 RXH (with HYbrid4 engine) and the 508 Saloon (with HYbrid4 engine).

To find out more about the iOn, visit our iOn showroom or the iOn page on our Environment website.

To find out more about our innovative hybrid cars, visit our Hybrid range page or our Environment website.

Where can I get accessories for my Peugeot?

Peugeot accessories can be ordered from any Peugeot dealer, and can also be fitted by your dealer for an additional cost if required. To browse the full range of Peugeot accessories available to order from your dealer, visit our Accessories website.

I need a new Owners Manual - where can I get one from?

You can access any Owners Manual online through our Servicebox website. Because this is a website designed for all Peugeot customers worldwide, you'll need to select your preferred language in the top right hand corner, then select your vehicle and registration date, and your manual will appear as if by magic! You can then simply refer to the part of the maunal you need online, or download a copy for you to keep or print out.
And to save you searching, if you're a MyPeugeot member, the specific Owner's Manual for your current registered Peugeot model can be found under the 'User Guide' link.

Alternatively, your local Peugeot dealer should be able to order a new Owners Manual for you.


Where can I find the radio code for my Peugeot?

If you need the radio code for any Peugeot, simply contact the Service department at your local Peugeot dealer who will be able to look it up for you and let you know. There may be a charge for this code, depending on the model. Your dealer will be able to give you the cost when you contact them.


What should I do if I lose one of my car keys?

If you lose one of your car keys, or need a replacement or additional key for any reason, simply contact the Service department at your local Peugeot dealer who will be able to order one for you. There is a charge for a new key, which varies depending on the model. Your dealer will be able to give you the cost when you contact them.

Where can I find a used Peugeot?

Simply visit our Used Cars website and search your local dealers by price or model to find your perfect used Peugeot.

What is Peugeot Mirror Screen®?

Peugeot Mirror Screen® is only available on the 108 and the New 208 and allows your compatible Smartphone to communicate with your car, allowing you to display compatible apps on the 7 inch touch screen and manage them using the vehicle controls. Safe and convenient, Peugeot Mirror Screen® uses the latest Mirrorlink™ and AppinCar technologies to bring smartphone connectivity to your New 108 whilst keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Peugeot Mirror Screen® is currently compatible with: Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II (with pre 4.4.2 Android versions and according to Samsung Drive Link Application availability); Nokia X700 and Nokia N9 (with Nokia Car Mode Application); iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (iOS4.3 and higher) with AppinCar application (Please note: Some applications some applications may become disabled on iPhone 4S when upgrading with iOS8: Parkopedia/iCoyote/Beej/EC Touch/CarBrowser).

For further information on Peugeot Mirror Screen® and for our full list of FAQs on this new technology, visit our Mirror Screen® page.

Finance and Offers

Where can I find out more about your 'Just Add Fuel' offer?

Our popular 'Just Add Fuel' offer is available on a number of new Peugeot models. Vist our Just Add Fuel offers section to find out more details, eligibility and example prices.


How old do I have to be to qualify for your 'Just Add Fuel' offer?

'Just Add Fuel' is available to drivers aged 21 or above on selected cars, depending on circumstances and other eligibility criteria. Vist our Just Add Fuel section to find out more.

Where can I find information on all your latest offers?

All our latest offers, including our popular 'Just Add Fuel' offer can be found in our Finance and Offers section.

What finance options are available to me?

Depending on whether you are a personal or business cutomer, there are a range of different finance options available to you, to help you purchase or lease a brand new Peugeot. Visit our new Finance and Offers section to find the finance package that's right for you.

Do you offer finance on used vehicles?

Yes, visit our Used Cars website for more information, or visit your local Peugeot dealer to find out the latest finance deals on their used cars range.

Who should I contact with any questions about my existing finance agreement?

Contact our Peugeot Financial Services Customer Services team on 0845 086 7000.

How do I find out which models are available on the Motability scheme?

Simply take a look at our Motability section, which gives you all the information you need, and a comprehensive list (available to download if required) of the models available with the latest prices.


Where is my nearest Motability dealer?

All our Peugeot dealers are qualified to give you information on and provide you with the motability car of your choice.

Servicing and Warranty

What are the benefits of servicing my car at my Peugeot dealer?

Your local Peugeot dealer offers highly competitive first-class servicing, repairs, MOTs and vehicle health-checks for your Peugeot, and the benefits include

 - Peugeot expertise from highly trained technicians who are regularly assessed
 - The latest specialist tools and diagnostic systems, designed just for Peugeot vehicles
 - Genuine Peugeot parts, made to our exacting standards
 - The promise of an impressive service and repair history to keep up your Peugeot’s resale value

Are there any offers available on Peugeot MOT and Servicing?

Yes - visit our Service offers page to see our latest highly competitive offers on Servicing and MOT at your local dealer.

How frequently should I get my car serviced?

It depends on the age of your car and the Peugeot model you drive - and your own driving habits. Vist our Service intervals page for our recommendations.

Can I book a Service for my car online?

Yes - simply visit our step-by step online service booking system.

Can I book an MOT for my car online?

Yes - simply visit our step-by-step online MOT booking system.


Where can I get parts for my Peugeot?

Parts for your Peugeot are available to order through any Peugeot dealer. Delivery times differ depending on the part you need and whether we have it in stock, but your dealer can advise on this and give you a quote. You can also arrange to have any part fitted by our Peugeot experts at any dealer.

What is included in the Peugeot Warranty?

We offer a comprehensive warranty on every new Peugeot - visit our Peugeot Warranty page to download our Warranty brochure.


What is MyPeugeot?

MyPeugeot is the exclusive website that makes owning a Peugeot simpler for you. All your car's essential details can be stored online, in one convenient place, for easy access whenever you need them.

Once you and your car are registered, we can send you timely email reminders, such as when your next service or MOT is due - a few less things for you to remember!

MyPeugeot membership also provides access to all the latest Peugeot news and exclusive offers. Plus our top driving and maintenance tips - to help you get the very best out of your car. All the information you need to know as a Peugeot owner is in one place for you at MyPeugeot. Register here.

How do I register for MyPeugeot?

Simply click on 'Register Now' in the MyPeugeot section, or register here.

Can I change my password, email address and other info?

Yes, once you're registered on the site, click 'Change Password', or use the 'My Profile' section to update information on you and your car.

How are service intervals calculated? Are they contractual?

The service intervals are calculated on an estimated annual mileage - based on the figures you enter. As such, they aren't contractual and you should always consult your local Peugeot dealer if you're not sure when your next service is due.

How do I set up a service reminder?

Once you've set up your vehicle information on the MyPeugeot pages, click on 'Service Reminders' to edit existing service reminders or create new alerts.



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