eat6 engine efficiency

Peugeot's new generation of automatic gearboxes have been developed in collaboration with Aisin AW, - the world's largest automatic transmission manufacturer. The Efficient Automatic Transmission (EAT6) gearbox uses Quickshift technology for faster gear changes and smooth operation, delivering superb driving pleasure and exceptional fuel and CO2 efficiency.

Experience a seamless drive with our intuitive gearbox technology that adapts to your driving needs and style, whether you want to cruise along or speed things up. The Peugeot automatic transmission system gives you a dynamic driving experience that takes the hard work out of your journey.

Not only does Peugeot’s EAT6 technology enhance your driving experience but it reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, meaning its kind to the environment and economical too.

Our EAT6 gearboxes are fitted on a wide range of our petrol and diesel vehicles, currently in the 208, new 2008 SUV, 308, 308 SW, All-new 3008 SUV, 508 Saloon, 5008 MPV, All-new 5008 SUV and new Traveller.